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I’ve only just started taking the ZeroUp course by Fred Lam, but I can tell you what I’ve experienced so far. And that’s that the course is taught by a passionate entrepreneur who has an abundance of knowledge on not only creating an e-commerce storefront, but also on creating a brand, making money, and carrying out easy ways to market and increase sales.

I have completed the first module, and just began to dive into the second. I’ve enjoyed it so far and I look forward to the rest of what Fred has to show me.

My Biggest Takeaway

Fred makes creating an online business look so simple. ZeroUp is the perfect name for the program because you can literally start with nothing and build yourself up like he did. Even though I went to college, I can see what he means by saying you don’t even need a college degree because he makes every step very simple and easy.

Fred begins each video segment with an overview of the video’s topic and some background knowledge about why it’s important. After he finishes his short talk, he goes into a step-by-step demonstration of the “how” to do whatever he is talking about in that segment. It’s really easy to follow.

It’s Easy To Follow Along With Step By Step Examples

For example, in one video, named ‘Creating Your Shopify Store,’ he tells us some background info on, and how it is the easiest way to create an online storefront. He then switches to his actual screen, where you can see him showing you how to do each step.

I am currently a Senior in college studying marketing and finance, and while a good portion of this information was simple and a review, I still loved the fact that I can just follow along with him and repeat his exact system to get the same results in my own ecommerce business.

The Trick of Using Amazon to Start Your Business

Another takeaway from this course is how important finding a niche is for your business. This should be the first step you make with your company, because how you pick your target customers (your niche) helps you avoid wasting time and money going in the wrong direction.

In the very first video of this course, Fred talks about the importance behind choosing a niche market, and why you need to stick to it. Then, like all of the other videos I have watched, he shows viewers how to find a niche.

The trick he showed us was brilliant. Instead of guessing at what you want to sell, you can just go to Amazon’s website and look through all of its departments to find one that you are interested in and have some knowledge with.

A common misconception people have when starting a business is that they think they have to introduce their product to a huge target market. But, Fred discusses why that is actually the worst thing you can do early on in your business, and he goes into detail on exactly why that is. This is one of those things that would have cost me time and money if I didn’t know this strategy, so for me, the investment in the course paid for itself just in this section!

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