Welcome to our daily huddle episode number 50.

All right, so in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about procrastination. I know that procrastination is obviously a very big deal when it comes to just business and life in general. So, let me actually get the understanding and to feel the room out, put in the “me” into the comment box if you feel that in some sort of ways, you are procrastinating maybe in your life, on needing to do something but you just procrastinate on it. Maybe in your business or maybe in your career or anything in general that you have been procrastinating all the time, now it is absolutely fine to actually be procrastinating and we just have to deal with it.

I think that is very, very important. So, in today’s topic, I want to talk about how procrastination can affect your business and also how to overcome it. The reason why I actually want to speak about this topic is because I actually got someone – today in our daily huddle one of the question was about procrastination and obviously I wanted to address it because it’s actually a very important aspect that we absolutely need to look in life.

[0:02:13] Question 1: Did you ever experience any problems with procrastination? if so do you have any advise? Also How do you find good quality images for free to put on your website?

So it’s actually by Daiana Nathalie – she asked

hi Fred, I absolutely love binge watching all of your videos you’re an inspiration.
my question for you is, did you ever experience any problems with procrastination? if so do you have any advise? Also How do you find good quality images for free to put on your website? All the images that are free are super ugly most of the time but I think I’m gonna start making collages instead of using one single plain image. Thank you for your time.

Let me first tell you. I’m a human and I would bet you that majority of human beings in our planet today we’ll in well somehow or in some way of form procrastinate. I think that we just have to know that it is there and we know that a lot of people procrastinate on a lot of stuff. At the end of the day, it is fine to procrastinate, but I think one of the most important thing is you need to look at how procrastination can actually affect you. I can tell you it can affect you in a very, very massive way. I actually procrastinate a lot of times too. Again, like I said I’m just a regular human being, just like you and I do procrastinate a lot. But how procrastination can actually affect your business is at a very large magnitude.

Let me explain that. So when you want to create a business and you start procrastinating on saying I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll do that later. I’ll think about it I’ll start looking into it another day. When you start having that mentality in place, then you’re not going to actually take action on simply making things happen and that’s why I always basically have a motto saying go-go-go or keep hustling only because I want to remind myself not to procrastinate, and here are some life stories of mine on how procrastination obviously affect me in a very large magnitude.

I’ll share some stories with you on simply what really affect me. Obviously for the past two years you guys have seen me doing a lot of videos, doing a lot of video training. I’ve been coming out with software and I’ve been coming up with coaching programs to actually a lot entrepreneurs or any individuals to actually become an entrepreneur. I have been hustling for this side of the business for the last two years but I got to be honest with you, I actually procrastinated the living crap out of this business.

So how this actually evolved was I still remember until this day it was back in 2012, I was in a room full of entrepreneurs and as a young little Asian man kid, I was actually on a stool and one of the person is basically kind of laughing with his friends, like why is this kid here, is he here of his parents, but there’s no other Asian inside the room. So he may have basically lost his way and somehow went into a mastermind group that are all fill of seven-figure entrepreneurs. But back then obviously I don’t know what I was getting into, I just got invited to a mastermind, in a private room and we were just talking about like media buying in general and advertising in general.

I still remember I shut up the entire time, I didn’t say anything I simply listened and that’s the best thing that you got to do. If you are in any environment where you don’t know who that other people are or what their knowledge are or what their expertise are, simply just shut up and listen to what people have to say before you actually go in. Because how you make an impact in these kind of environment is listen carefully and basically through and process the stuff that they’re talking about and if there are any missing holes that you can fill, you would actually outshine in that group.

That’s what exactly I’ve done I simply outshine and all of a sudden, I start talking about media buying, buying traffic online and everyone was like their jaw would actually drop down to the floor thinking that this little Asian kid thought that he was lost or went to this mastermind with his dad, all of a sudden just kept dropping some amazing knowledge.

Back then I obviously knew no one. I didn’t know anything and I was just simply working on my own business. I don’t know what other people were doing. I never knew where I was in my capability or in my skillset in compared to the industry and then I still remember the mastermind was over and I actually went up to two guys. I did not mock on them. I went up to two guys and they basically asked me to say, “Hey! What are you up to tonight?” I was like, “I don’t know. What are you guys up to?” They said, “Oh, we’re going to a party at XYZ place at Vegas” And they’re like, I will tag you along if you don’t mind. So back then a lot of people are thinking if I was still underage and if I was actually old enough to even go into a bar. So they invited me and I actually went there and I started to actually talk with the person that I really wanted to talk to.

That person actually became my mentor today and majority of you guys actually know who he is he’s Anik Singal. I still remember when I was at the party with him, there were a lot of like seven-figure entrepreneurs there but majority of the time it was both Anik and I were just chit-chatting and all those other stuff. Anik starts to actually bring up to me and say hey Fred seriously the knowledge that you know, the things that you do it can be turned into a business. On the back of my head, I basically went like did this guy eat something wrong or is this guy like crazy thinking that whatever I have in my head can actually turn into a business.

I never believed in it I never thought it was true and I start procrastinating about it and start basically telling myself that I cannot do it I’ll do it later, I’ll worry about it later and I seriously procrastinate for literally three freaking years. That’s what I did. I procrastinate for three years until I start seeing more people in the industry – so during that time at you went into more events, more mastermind and I start seeing people making a lot of money simply just selling their knowledge. So, I’ve decided – all right enough is enough, no more procrastination, call Anik and ask him for advice and get him to be my mentor to actually start building a digital business revolving the knowledge that I simply have. And moving fast forward to today, ever since I stopped procrastinating and start actually turning it into action, I generated over $10 million simply using my own knowledge.

Why it affect my business or why it would affect your business? It’s really because of two things : (1) The loss of time and (2) the loss of opportunity. These two doesn’t always come and when it comes, you absolutely need to get a hold of it. So let’s talk about loss of time. Let’s be honest, no matter how much money you make, no matter how wealthy you are you can never buy time. You cannot travel back a couple years ago and simply buy back 3 years of the time that you procrastinated. If you actually procrastinate during that entire time and didn’t take action, well guess what you lost three years. For me I should say I lost three years of time that I can actually turn into money. If I started three years earlier than what I’ve done with this business, I think I would be easily in the thirty or forty million dollar mark by now. But again I procrastinated and it definitely affected myself and the business at the same time.

Now, opportunity – this is a very huge one. There are so many ways for you to actually generate a profit online right now. There’s e-commerce, there’s digital publishing, there’s email marketing, there’s affiliate marketing, there are selling lead generation, CPN networks. right now there are so many ways that you can  start a business with just a $100 in your pocket. I’m pretty sure, majority of you guys all know about this. Put in a ‘one’ into the comment box if you know about this. You know that right now, it is a great time to become an entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur is cool. Having your own business and there are so many content out there, there are so many trainings out there that is even free that tells you how to actually do it.

Here’s the deal, a lot of people knows about it but they procrastinate to actually take action because they (1) thought that they cannot do it. (2) You’re being too lazy to figure out the logistics and the technical side of things and (3) you simply just don’t want to do it. You’re being lazy and you simply just don’t want to take action. Because of that, what I can tell you is the following, right now business trends will change. Right now it is a perfect opportunity for e-commerce. As we all know, it is a perfect opportunity right now and there’s so much information out there all about e-commerce. But I bet you okay a year to two years from now, the training and the things that you are learning today may not apply to the future because obviously business evolves. Trends change and if you don’t act now and start riding the wave by the time that the changes happen, you are always going to be left back into square number; however, if you actually start taking action and simply start applying what you learn and stop procrastinating, you’re grabbing on to this opportunity and you’re going to be ahead of the game.

If there are any changes that’s going to be happening, well guess what because you yourself have already bypassed the procrastination stage, you are just going to actually keep taking action from there.  So I think to me right now and obviously what helped me a lot when I know that I procrastinate, I simply call myself out. I simply say you know what Fred and I just actually did this a couple days ago with like a video training that I’m supposed to actually create and give to a publisher and I simply procrastinate the heck out of it. I didn’t do it and I’m just going to be honest, I hope that the person that was asking me for these training, it’s not watching this daily huddle right now.

So I simply just set it aside. I don’t want it to do it. I don’t want to do it. I procrastinated. I become lazy, but the minute I decide and said to myself I’m going to pull up my power point, I’m going to start working on this and the time that you’d said to yourself that you are going to start now, the procrastination will be gone. So you got to force yourself over that mindset on saying you know what I know that I’m procrastinating right now and you have the self-awareness knowing that you’re procrastinating, then you simply said okay I’m just going to do it now and when you say you do it now, it would obviously push you and start actually getting over the procrastination hump.

So again, like I said earlier you guys are procrastinating, just think back to yourself that you’re going to be losing an opportunity and you’re losing time at the same time. So it doesn’t matter if it is running your Facebook ads or if it’s setting up an e-commerce  store, setting a lead generation, whatever it is just remind yourself that right now., if I procrastinate I’m simply going to have a loss of opportunity and the loss of profits and I got to do it right now. Because if you have the time to procrastinate, then pretty much you have the time to actually do it, so I would highly encourage you to actually start doing it.

I hope that little rant obviously helped you guys out on any of you that procrastinates a lot and just be aware of it. Diana have more questions “how do you find good quality images for free to put on your website? All the images that are free are super ugly most of the time, but I think I’m going to start making collages instead of using one plain image. Thank you for your time.”

So, I don’t know what Diana is running, but when it comes to images, there are several things that you can do to actually find some good quality image. I’m going to share some links with you guys. The first one is It is a website where you get to actually download royalty free images for commercial use. There are some pretty amazing images in there. The other one is called Here’s another one where you can actually find some pretty good quality, high resolution images at the same time.

I do have to advise you to stay away from Google images. There are a lot of images in Google and they’re amazing images or great images, but at the end of the day some of them are going to be copyrighted. So what you going to do, there’s a secret hack inside Google. When you go to Google  image, what you wanted to do is there’s an advanced feature where you can actually take off for commercial use, like allowing commercial, I forgot the exact term but there is a specific check mark that will allow you to show you all the images that allow you to use for commercial.

So, basically having on your website, using on a product, using on a brochure and that is absolutely going to be fine. The other thing that you need to make sure is that you find a higher pixel image so let’s say that you want to have a nice image done, try to look for a pixel size that is over a thousand and not really have like a small 300×300 pixel and then put it into like a 600×600 pixel place, or else that would actually affect things all right. So that’s what I would do to actually find some free and super high quality images are using those two websites that I talked about and on Google, make sure you actually go to the Advanced Settings and check-off and make sure they allow you to actually use it for commercial use. I hope that helps you out

[0:17:40] Question 2: I would like to know if you offer consultation services and how much it is

Yalilee asked,

Fred, I have follow your channel for like approximately 5 months already. I have shop but I have not been able to have proper decent sales. I would like to know if you offer consultation services and how much it is. I have been doing facebook ads and to be honest nothing work so far 🙁

I know your frustration that obviously when you start right things it doesn’t work so far and this is actually fine, you’re actually learning as you go. Now, here’s the deal and for anyone that is asking right now who would actually love consultation from me? Put in an ‘eight’ in the comment box below if you love – if there’s a way that you could get consultation directly from me, that would be something that you are absolutely interested in. Put in a ‘eight’ into the comment box if that is something that you guys are wanting to have.

If any of you are doing any e-commerce stuff definitely check out Dan Dasilva and he has some pretty amazing stuff coming out. So, anyways I’m actually getting a lot of people giving me an ‘eight’ right now into the comment box. So, here’s the answer to your question. I don’t have any consultation services. I apologize, I obviously set a trap for you guys and put you guys in and giving you guys a no. Here’s the reason why I don’t do any more one-on-one consultations. It’s really because I need to look at my time wisely and how I invest my time. Like I said earlier the that one thing that a lot of people that cannot buy is time, so instead of me doing like one-on-one consultation, charging a couple $1000 an hour what I rather do is actually spend my time to do daily huddles and spend my time to actually do video training and actually just giving up to the public and that’s what I intend to do.

I know that it sucks that I don’t have a consultation service for any person, but at the end of the day I rather inspire more people with my daily huddles, with my video training that I have coming up so to actually invest my time in it so that you guys do not have to pay like thousands of dollars to actually get a one-on-one consultation. So that’s what I do. But Yalee, if you are saying that you’re struggling with Facebook ads and it’s not running, well it’s probably going to be a couple variables (1) it’s going to be your products (2) it’s going to be your targeting, (3) it’s going to be your ads. So you want to actually identify which of the three is really affecting and not producing results for you.

[0:20:36] Question 3: I plan to put in place the 3x3 campaign, you used as an example with the flashlight to start, i wanted to see if it okay to use my website as the main focus of the campaign, my shopify store x 3 ad sets x3 single item per ad set making 9 ads. So instead of one item like the flashlight, i use my store..

So moving on to the third question it’s Peter Pedro Miami – Peter said,

Hello Fred, newbie here, I plan to put in place the 3×3 campaign, you used as an example with the flashlight to start, i wanted to see if it okay to use my website as the main focus of the campaign, my shopify store x 3 ad sets x3
single item per ad set making 9 ads. So instead of one item like the flashlight, i use my store..
thank you
Peter Pedro

Peter, the reason why I actually have a 3×3 campaign done is a there’s a particular reason involved and the way that you’re proposing to me it’s not going to work. Here’s the reason why and Yalee, I think this will help you out at the same time to distinguish what’s the problem with your Facebook Ads. So the 3 extreme method, there’s a particular reason why I’ve invented it and I start using it. it’s really because I wanted to drill down to the culprits to see if it’s the product that it’s not selling, is it the ad that is not selling, or is it the targeting that is actually not selling?

So, how do I actually identify the 3 variables using the 9x3x3 campaign? With the 3×3 campaign, it allows me to actually sell one product and that’s what you wanted to do. You want to actually invest into one product in per campaign. So, let’s say that I’m going to be using I’m going to using that survival flashlight as an example, the campaign is basically optimized on a sale of the flashlight. From there, I will have 3 different audiences, with 3 different audiences, I wanted to see from an audience level – is it the audience that are not converting or is it the product that it’s not converting?

I’m just moving my head up because I want to change the sunglasses in my Instagram feed right now because I have to red one it looks ugly all right. With that, I have two main products, I have three different audiences. Under these up to 3 audiences. I have 2 ads from different angles so when I actually look at this I interpret it this way. If for any reason the entire campaign flopped, the product is not selling, it’s not hitting 4-level optimization in all 3 ad sets and all 9 of the ads, then it really tells me that it is simply the product that it’s not selling so we could eliminate that variable right out the bat, stop it move on to another product.

Now let’s say right now for example if you have the campaign running and your 3 ad sets and within the 3 ad sets, there is actually one that’s outperforming the other two. If that is the case, then that means that your initial targeting got spot on. You want to actually use the audience insight to see how you can actually diversify from that audience pool that is actually working for you. Now let’s say that if the case then you know which audience worked in which audience doesn’t now on a lower level with the three ads so nine ads under the 3 ad sets, it will tell you which ad is actually peaking interest to your audience. So, you’re basically having at the very top at the campaign, you will identify if it is a product that’s not selling, with the audience level, you will identify evidence basically the audience that you’re targeting incorrectly and from the ad level is telling you basically which ad is actually getting you traction and which ad is not.

So, with that it covers the three main variables for you to actually succeed or not succeed with e-commerce which is again product, audience and ad alright and that’s why there’s a 3×3 method involved. Now if you’re trying to actually use the 3×3 method, just for your website then you’re not going to get the precise data. You don’t know what product is selling, what product it’s not selling, you don’t know what ad copies working, when ads copy this is not working you don’t know what audience is working and what audiences are not working. So, you want and again like I said there’s a specific reason why I have this 3×3 campaign and why I actually share it to the public on using it because it will just quickly identify right away what message is right what audience is right and what product is right and you can actually eliminate all the guesswork.

So I hope that helps you out.  So, put in the word ‘value’ into the comment box if you guys actually learn something great today, learn something that definitely helped you’d obviously with your Facebook ads and to actually know what it’s going on. So moving on, Celta said that I thought 3×3 came from one of your brand ambassador. Nope, I created it. So that’s what I did and then obviously my brand ambassadors to keep pushing and talking about it at the same time.

Question 4: if I am already enrolled for Inbox Blueprint, is that the same as the latest email bootcamp training?

So moving on to the fourth question of the day is by Gillian Shepherd, Gillian asked,

Hi Fred – if I am already enrolled for Inbox Blueprint, is that the same as the latest email bootcamp training?

It is. So if you already enrolled in the inbox blueprint, you can simply ignore all my emails for the next week or two because obviously I learned all my digital publishing and affiliate marketing stuff all from Anik and all from inbox blueprint and for those of you that basically wanted to know my $10 million journey story as a digital entrepreneur, there’s a link right on Facebook right now with this feed, it says a GoToWebinar link you can sign up for our webinar tomorrow at 8PM Eastern and I’m going to review how I generated over $10 million using an exact system that you’re going to about to learn tomorrow. Just letting you know.

[0:27:05] Question 5: I have one problem if my customer ordered two different products that has two different supplier. Will these orders deliver to my customer in different time - the answer is yes. How to decide this problem? I don't think it is a problem. Will you advise me how to decipher you? I don't know what needs decision

So to the last question of the day is by saruulbuyan– saruulbuyan asked,

hi Fred, i have one problem. if my customer order 2 different products that has 2 different supplier, will this orders delivery to my customer in different time?how to decide this problem? will you advice me? how to decide for you ? thank you for your answering

You’re welcome. I answer your question really quick, but at the same time, let me tell you this it’s absolutely fine if your customer are going to actually receive separate shipment because it’s from different suppliers as long as your customer receives the product, that’s all it matters. As long as your customers received your products, that’s all that matters.

Now, if a customer asks like why am I having more than one package for my order, then you can tell them flat-out saying that because it’s actually coming from a different warehouse. That’s all you got to answer them and they would actually understand that. So again, I don’t think there’s a huge problem that you have to worry about and that you have to be concerned of.


Other than that, that’s all I really have for today’s daily huddle. I seriously hope that you guys learn a thing or two, if not let me know in the comment box right below if you did not learn a thing or two and obviously, I’m going to actually keep doing our daily huddle every single day. If it’s your first time joining my daily huddle, on Monday to Friday I come on live to answer 5 questions. It could be anything about your business, running ads, you wanted advise from me etcetera. If you want your question to be featured, simply go to and head over to the daily huddle section, you’ll find a link where you can actually submit your question and I’ll get it featured.

Also, we choose to transcribe every single video that I actually for my daily huddle and turn it into a FAQ search engine inside my website If you are anxious to get your question answered and it’s not your turn to get it featured in our daily huddle, all you got to do is simply head over to the site, do a search on your keyword and it will tell you which episode talked about are covered which questions.

Other than that, that is really it for today. I look forward on seeing you guys tomorrow. Now, tomorrow I’m actually having my webinar. I’m having a webinar at 8PM Eastern, 5PM pacific so that would mean that my daily huddle will actually come on pretty late tomorrow. Just a heads up for you guys for those of you who look forward my daily huddle, I will be coming on pretty late tomorrow because I will be hosting a brand new workshop uncovering my $10 million blueprint as a digital entrepreneur, so you guys can actually learn from. If you want to join, link is above on Facebook, if you are on Facebook right now. Other than that I look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow at a different time. That’s for sure. So guys stop procrastinating, keep hustling; just start now. Whenever you know that you’re procrastinating, just start doing it and you would actually overcome that problem. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.