Welcome to our daily huddle episode number 49. Like always, I’m broadcasting this on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook right at the same time and I’m simply just ignoring Anik, but if you guys want to actually abuse Anik with questions, you can simply start asking him right now. He’s actually watching my daily huddle right now. If you guys are on here, you can talk to Mr. Senior Chicken butt I’ll be the junior; he’ll be the senior chicken butt. So a chicken butt can ask your questions on Facebook right now and he’s still watching right now.

I think it’s the perfect time for you to actually take advantage of him. With that, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and I hope that you guys actually got some amazing work completed from setting up your ads, to working on your store or basically working on your business.

In today’s topic, I’m actually going to take a side-step. We’re not going to cover e-commerce. We’re not going to cover digital publishing. But as a matter of fact I actually want to cover how you can actually use online ads to sell a car.

You might be wondering well how on earth can I actually sell a car? Well, here’s the truth, when I was actually in BMW, my goal was not only to actually get customers into the doors, I was actually been assigned to advertise on selling cars. So, that way obviously if a person is interested, I know for a fact that person will actually come to our store and actually buy the car. With the car, obviously there are a lot more money and profit included inside the car because obviously it does cost a lot of money.

With that, obviously I just want to get the feel out. Any of you that are in the sales side of the business – so for example if you sell a car, maybe you sell real estate, or maybe you sell life insurance or you sell health insurance it’s not really just your business, like your 9-5 job, is still fine. If you’re in the sales business, put in the ‘me’ into the comment box right now so I can actually get the feel of who is actually in the sales business.

If you are in the sales business, you definitely want to hear up my strategy that I’m going to actually lay out for you guys on how to actually sell a car. It doesn’t have to be just a car, you can use the same exact concept and actually sell a real estate, a condo, insurance or anything that is considered like super high ticket. I got a lot of people on Instagram that is actually in sales.

I got Anik who is in sales. Anik you’re not on sales, all you need to do is like webinar. Let me see who else is in the car business or basically not just car business, but in business in general, I got only a couple in YouTube right now.

[0:04:17] Question 1: I am in the second hand car dealership niche how do i trek potential clients who are searchin to buy . I have a virtual dealership. Aruba quality car deals.

This question actually got inspired today on why I want to cover this topic is by Elvin Croes. Elvin Croes said,

I am in the second hand car dealership niche how do i trek potential clients who are searchin to buy . I have a virtual dealership. Aruba quality car deals.

I don’t know what Aruba means but this guy, Elvin, obviously he is in the car business and he wants to learn how to actually sell a car now. Here’s the truth, it is virtually very hard for you to actually sell a car right away in the first point of contact with your prospect through online ads. So let me get that straight. Obviously, for you if you are simply on Facebook, Google or basically reading an article, you see a car you will all of a sudden just whip out a credit card and actually buy the product.

So first, you got to identify – well you know for a fact that if the person is basically wanting to buy a car, they will want some sort of information so you yourself can actually figure out if this is a potential prospect or if this person is just not really interested. So that’s what you want to identify first so obviously since you’re selling a car or you’re selling a house or you’re selling insurance, you do have a lot of commissions that you make where you can actually use it towards ads.

For used cars or even brand new cars, here’s what I would actually do if I were you Elvin – to actually identify who these people are. Number one, obviously as we all know people are a little bit scared of buying a used car nowadays. They’re scared about buying a used car only because of several reasons. Number one, they don’t know if they’re going to actually get scammed on buying a card that doesn’t work. Number two, they may get they may be afraid that they’re paying more than the asking price. Obviously everyone wants to buy at the lowest cost possible and for a used car, obviously the number varies depends on the mileage, depends on the condition, depends on the year etcetera.

So when a person is actually in market for a used car, majority of the people are not that educated on actually buying a car. They basically will be worrying about all sorts of details. So, if I were you Elvin, I would actually create a mini report that is created by your auto dealership on simply telling maybe 7 hacks on buying a used car. Because first what you’re doing right now is that you are building the trust between you and the person on the other side of the screen and that is very important even if you are working at an auto dealership customer comes in, you’ve got to basically work with them, build their trust, basically you have to convince them to buy that particular car.

With that you want to first build the trust virtually so this way you’re doing it at a much granular scale and you do it at a much bigger scale. What you want to do is the following, create a free report, it simply may be a 7 hacks on buying a used car. You know for a fact that if that person actually gave you their email address in exchange for these information that obviously this person is going to be wanting to buy a car in the next 30 days.  They are already in the purchase cycle of wanting to actually buy a car.

Put in a ‘one’ into the comment box if you agree if a person, all of a sudden, sees an ad. They see the ad saying that 7 hacks to buying a used car to save you more money. Obviously, if that person gave you their email address, then the truth is, they’re ready to actually buy a car. Again, this doesn’t have to be just car, it can be a real estate if you’re selling a real estate, then you’ll be like 7 hacks before you close a housing deal or whatever. I’m not in the real estate market, but I’m just sharing these ideas with you right.

So now that you have basically pre-qualified that lead. You know that that person in your system is ready to actually buy a used car. If you actually have an amazing free report done, that report is going to actually build the trust in your customers to your store, basically what service you actually have to sell. That way that the trust factor is going to be thrown off the table, now they’re in the deal hunting mode; they’re now educated, they’re are pre-qualified leads, now they’re basically pretty educated. At that point, there are several things that you want to do : (1) You want to run retargeting ads and (2) In your email broadcast, you want to basically feature this week’s deal or what car you have in stock and really ask that person to come into your store or simply book an appointment for a test drive and that’s what you want to do.

Now with retargeting, it’s going to be very powerful. What you want to do – now that you actually basically pre-qualified the lead, they go through a landing page, you can actually build a custom audience of anyone that actually gave you their email address and wanted to get more information on buying a used car. Then all you got to do is create a slide show. This is actually very important -if you take a step further and create a video on showcasing the car, talking about the benefits of the car, the specs, the mileage and being the face on the camera to actually sell that car then obviously if that car is exactly the same model or basically something that is of their interest, they would simply book a test drive and come to your dealership. From there, you let the salesperson do its job.

So what you’re wanting to do is you want to use something that is more granular out of the market and basically pre-qualify the lead and retarget them. That’s what you want to do and also you can use email marketing at the same time you actually sound like this week’s car deal or this week’s discount, this week’s sales event etcetera. Now when it comes to ads, I would have to say there are definitely several ways for you to do this : (1) obviously there’s Facebook ads and I’ve talked a lot about Facebook that’s already.

Today, I’m actually going to shift and talk about Google for a little bit over here. Obviously, one thing that I want to cover if you have this sort of funnel in place, you can actually look into advertising on Google Display, on Google Display there is a particular feature that works really well which is the in-market audience. Obviously as you all know, Google has a lot of data. Now they may not have the exact targeting data or the ability to target at a precise targeting level just like Facebook; however, Google obviously have a lot of presence online. They have so much data that they can identify if that person is in-market or is not a market.

If they are in market and you basically Google pull them together saying that this person or these group of audiences are in-market by an automotive, then from there, you can actually create a banner ad to give-away the 7 hacks and basically pre-filter from there. Like I said, doing the same thing pre-qualifying the person and then sell them through emails or simply sell them through retargeting ads. So if you look at this from a bigger picture, what you’re essentially doing like I said earlier, you’re going into a bigger market, but you’re pre-qualifying the lead based on your free report and you create a particular strategy to actually get those person to actually book an appointment with you or go to your dealership etcetera.

Now you can also go after the search traffic. I won’t suggest you go after Google search traffic because of the competition. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. But what you can do is that you can also use Bing ads at the same time. Yes, Bing is a much smaller network compared to Google but at the same time, if you’re able to actually get clicks and bidding on the keyword, buying a used BMW 3 series and the person actually click on your ad, going to your collection of your inventory of a BMW 3 series, you know for a fact that that person is super highly qualified and that they would actually make a purchase position in a very short period of time.

So there are different strategies and ways for you to actually work on this. It doesn’t always have to be Facebook. Your goal okay is to actually find different ways to get these traffic, to get the pre-qualified lead in your system and simply start selling them. There’s also other strategies maybe set up a 30-minute free consultation call to find your perfect car, or set up a 30-minute consultation call to find your perfect home etcetera. Now by you having a person being able to actually book that call, you know that you have the time, 30 minutes, to sell them right on the phone. They come in, look at some stuff or built that relationship and at the end of the day, any sales-related business you’ve got to build a relationship. If you are able to build the relationship, then obviously for you to actually ask for the sale, it’s actually going to be pretty much easy moving on that way.

So I hope that really gives you an idea and what I would do if I were in your position. Really treat this as a real business. Again, at the end of the day, everyone on the other side of the screen is selfish. They only care about what’s in it for me. Give them what they want and then ask for a sale because you are building that trust and you are basically doing that. Again you would want to actually use something to actually advertise it. It’s going to be very hard for you let’s say that if you got a used BMW that came in yeah you could do a video about it, you can do a video selling it or you can do a slideshow selling it but you are now going after like the bigger market. It will cost you a lot more money before you actually can sell the car; whereas, if you actually go down to free reports, you’re going to get a big list of people that are ready to buy a used car and you simply just sell either your inventory or your friend’s inventory etcetera.

So again, there are a lot of different strategies and one thing that I wanted to share with you guys is if you want to absolutely crush it with online ads towards your business, you have to be creative. You’ve got to be creative and you always have to figure out what’s in it for me – not for me but for your customers. If you’re able to find out that sweet spot then it’s going to be very easy for you to actually sell whatever you desire. When it comes to ads, it’s really more technical side more than the creative side, that’s what I have to say. You always have to find that hook. So in this incident, 7 hacks to buying a used car is a hook to get the person to go in to your funnel, prequalify them and actually sell them.

All right so I hope that helps you out and especially if any of you that are in the sales environment, I hope that helps you out

[0:16:31] Question 2: How to advertise products that Facebook considered as weapon like kitchen knife, survival products? What are the alternatives to Facebook?

All right so I hope that helps you out and especially if any of you that are in the sales environment, I hope that helps you out. So let’s move on back into our daily huddle on answering questions. So for the first question of today is by Dramane, Dramane asked,

How to advertise products that Facebook considered as weapon like kitchen knife, survival products? What are the alternatives to Facebook? Thanks!

Here’s a thing that I wanted to share with you. When it comes to selling knives, it is actually against majority of policy not just Facebook but Google and Bing. They do not allow knifes. Now if you really want to sell knives, the only avenue that I can think of which I am not good at, which I don’t do is Amazon. I see a lot of knifes being sold on Amazon. I think that is going to be something that you want to look after or you want to basically look at if you are really wanting to sell knives. Now, survival products are actually allowed on all networks except for a knife-related survival products, then it is considered asked a weapon. If Facebook doesn’t actually take it, I would have to say Google and Bing would actually not allow you to actually run the ads at all. So if you are saying like you’re all into knives, that’s all you want you want to sell knives, then I would say you want to look at Amazon.

The other way that you can actually look at it what we call dedicated email buys or solo ads. So, any person that actually own a list of survival preppers or a list of people that are buying a lot of kitchen household goods, then sending an email ask them to send an email about your products and basically paying them to actually send that email, then you’re there’s no policy stuff involved. So that’s what you can look at.

[0:18:34] Question 3: Hi I'm 16 years old and my father asked what probability that people will buy?

So moving on to the second question is by Bogan Ifchenko – Bogan said,

Hi, I’m 16 years old and my father asks, what the probability that people will buy?

I would actually ask your father when was the last time he actually bought something online, I would bet you he was say not long ago. So if he asked you that question and fired him back a question and asked well, when was the last time you actually bought a product and if he answers well recently, then I guess your dad will actually shut up and not say anything about it. But the probability – let’s talk about the probability, I would have to say I don’t really look at the probability, I look at the conversion. That’s all I really care. I don’t look at the conversion with the industry, I look at the conversion based on my advertising data. If I am actually generating a profit or not through my own advertising because it doesn’t matter what your competitors are doing; some of your competitors may actually be losing money while they’re advertising.

You never know because you never know the actual behind the scenes of what is happening so what I would actually have to tell you is that you got to basically figure out or you got to start looking at your data to see that if you yourself are actually generating sales and profit through your own efforts and that’s one of the most important thing. If your dad is not convinced or trying to answer that for a investment into your business or basically you’re convincing your dad that you don’t want to go to school, then what you want to do is simply go to,  it’s a statistic portal where you’re going to get a lot of information about stats and simply just show him the e-commerce stats on how much money there is in the marketplace because by 2021, it is expected to actually do nearly 5 or I think it’s 4.6 trillion dollars. So tell your dad, dad if I only get like 0.00001 percent of this market, that’s still a lot of money. So again, you want to convince him that and you want to share and basically provide him with third-party statistics to actually prove those.

[0:21:05] Question 4: What do you think about drop shipping from etsy craftspeople? Listing unique items from them in a Shopify store, can it be profitable? Is it a new trend?

So moving on to the third question is by Aaron Berényi – Aaron said,

Hey Fred! Thanks for providing such invaluable information all the time. What do you think about drop shipping from Etsy craftspeople? Listing unique items from them in a Shopify store, can it be profitable? Is it a new trend?

So there’s obviously several questions that you actually brought up. What do you think about drop shipping will from etsy craftspeople – so what I would actually ask you to do is I won’t actually drop ship directly like you’re doing on AliExpress, what I would actually encourage you to do if you are wanting to sell products on etsy, on your store, I may actually just go to that person, go to the etsy owner and say hey can we form some kind of partnership on the products you’ve made? I will create the site, I will run the ads and all you got to do for me is to simply ship out the product. But I cannot afford advertising based on the real retail price that you’re selling at. So do you have a better pricing for me if I’m going to advertise on your behalf in the Shopify store and actually drive you business and all you got to do is honor me a cheaper discount and you ship out the product.

So what you’re essentially doing right now is that you’re forming a partnership and that’s what you wanted to do because you obviously want to buy your goods at the lowest cost possible to make the highest profit. That’s what you want to do, you don’t want to actually arbitrage on the retail price because what’s going to happen is that if people brand it, if these etsy craftspeople what they usually do is they actually brand it, put their Etsy store name whatever on it, then obviously they will actually go back to the etsy store and buy, not from you. So you want to form some kind of partnership and that will actually protect you a lot more. Now, I think it is a really great idea to actually do that is to actually sell unique products. If you’re actually able to form some kind of partnership, then you’re not going to actually advertise the same product that maybe other people are in AliExpress.

Again it is a good idea but here’s one thing that I can tell you, can it be profitable? I cannot guarantee you that because there are so many variables involved and obviously I do not have the magic ball to share of you are you going to be profitable or not, but all I can tell you is that there is a high chance of success with that if you’re able to actually lock down some kind of deal with that etsy owner and actually get an exclusivity or whatsoever. That’s what you wanted to look into.

Is it a new trend? I mean there’s not a lot of people that’s doing it, there are some I would have to say but it’s it going to be like as big as AliExpress in drop shipping, I don’t think so in the meantime but I’m not sure in the near future if it will be a new trend or not. But again you see an opportunity, run at it before other people actually found out about it start doing a course about it and start selling it then you are going to actually be you’re not going to be ahead of them. In any market, if you are the first in market, you will always get the piece of the pie a lot quicker all right and that’s what you wanted to do. So, the fourth question is about the auto dealership. I answer that question.

Question 5: How do you know if a niche inst going to work? I've been trying to break into the League of legends niche for 2 months but I've only sold one item. I'm starting to run out of products to try for PC gamer's in general. I kind of feel like I'm fighting the data. Thoughts?

Now to our last question of the day is byKhadeem Wilson – Khadeem Wilson said,

How do you know if a niche inst going to work? I’ve been trying to break into the League of legends niche for 2 months but I’ve only sold one item. I’m starting to run out of products to try for PC gamer’s in general. I kind of feel like I’m fighting the data. Thoughts?

I have to tell you this flat-out honest, heart to heart, the fact that I wish I would assume you’re a pretty young kid. I wish that I obviously have time and the leisure to actually do this. Be a YouTube gamer. This is what I have to share with you – be a YouTube gamer. There are so many people making a ton of money every freaking day by just simply playing video games. Now a lot of people that are older in like your 40s or 50s, you guys would never understand how this work or why this work, but ultimately at the end of the day, if you are really into a game and this game is an e-Sport. They’re gaming now is considered as e-Sports where it is actually a sport. So League of Legends is definitely an e-Sport and there are so many people that actually watch other people play League of Legends. It is just mind-blowing and not just League of Legends obviously, there are overwatch, there are warcraft, there are battlefield, call of duty, there’s a lot of other ones out there but League of Legends is obviously a very huge one.

So, if you are really wanting to crack into the League of Legends space, what I encourage you to do is to actually become a Youtuber (1)  record your gameplay, (2) basically make joke in your video to actually have your own personality and build your following. With that, what you can actually do is as follow it this is actually the perfect thing, you’re not advertising right away, you’re actually going after more of organic approach backed up by advertising and here’s exactly what I would do if I were you, create a YouTube channel, record your gameplay, record your tips, record funny moments, record you unboxing or opening loop boxes okay like there’s one to always work like rich kid bought over a thousand loop boxes and you just simply could record a video of you unlocking the loop boxes. There’s a lot of people that will watch that. So you constantly come up with the daily videos of your gameplay showing about it, talking about the game to build your following then here’s what you wanted to do, get your subscriber counts up, get all those stuff up and in every single video you want to feature a particular product that you are using for your gaming. Let’s say a keyboard, a mouse, a headset, a USB or whatever that you use that will help you with your League of Legend games because people will actually listen to you and buy your product if they love your content. You don’t even have to hard sell them. You may simply say today I’m using this mouse, this keyboard to actually play League of Legends. Let me do the gameplay you guys want to actually get a copy or use my spec, there’s a link right below on Youtube, click on it in order yours etcetera.

There, you actually have a revenue income stream. The other one is that once you actually got your subscribers up, you can actually turn on monetization with YouTube. You can turn on monetization with YouTube and simply have Google place ads inside your videos and you make simply advertising money like Logan Paul and a lot of get big guys make millions a year simply just having content up, you’re using League of Legends as to play to actually go in market. Now, if you have a lot of followers dying to actually watch your stuff, then you want to actually initiate advertising. You want to actually use YouTube ads and go after people that actually watch your YouTube video and simply sell them with an in-stream ad on say hey thanks for watching hey today I got a special deal for you, this keyboard and mouse I’ve been playing it since I’ve started my gaming career, it’s been absolutely phenomenal and guess what you can actually get it today for 50% off and there’s a link right on the bottom left hand of the screen or right on top click on it, here’s a 50% discount go get yours right now.

That’s what you can do I just gave you an ad right now for YouTube in-stream for people that actually watch your League of Legends games because you know for a fact that if they’re watching your games they want to learn how to play better, they want to get basically know how do you actually do things better they want to know your specs and you basically sell them from there, then eventually you can move on to print on demands and basically sell your own brand of items like Logan Paul does and simply use the organic traffic and the paid traffic to turn it into a whole and actually go from there.

So I hope that helps you out. At the end of the day that’s for basically gamers you can actually look for that and I would have to say gaming makes a lot of freaking money. It’s just overwhelming and ridiculous amount of money but you got to be like really persistent on shooting game place every day, giving ideas, you’re going to be ranked in competitive a lot in order for you to actually gain some traction or actually gain some control from there alright.


So that’s really it for our daily huddle for today. Now put in the comment box what you guys think about my daily huddle today. You guys have a lot of value? Do you guys learning a lot? Did I give you some data – did it sparked aha moment? Let me know in the comment box right below. While the comments are coming in today is Monday. So what does Monday mean, Monday means our next winner for our kickstart 500 grant.  So let me actually pull it up alright so for those of you that are joining me for the first time listen, every single Monday, if it’s not a holiday, every single Monday I invest into one single individual with $500. With that $500 this individual can go and create a business and basically advertise and start learning about advertising. It cannot go into the latest iPhone gadget or the Apple product or whatever, it is used towards basically investing into your own business. On top of that, if you are selected as the winner for the kick start 500 grant, giving that $500 and I’m going to give you a to-do list okay of 5 items. If you take the 500 and actually do that 5 items, you will actually be scheduled on a one on one consultation call with me where I’m going to actually review your business, walk you through, tell you what you should do it how to scale up your business. So you actually have an entire plan that you can use.

If you guys are interested on basically applying for our kick start 500 grant, all you got to do is go to So, to our winner for this week for our kick star 500 and my assistant want me to use this. Alright so the winner to our kick start 500 grant today is Antwon Hard. Antwon is actually in e-commerce and his story is simply I’ve done a lot of research online about affiliate marketing e-commerce, after much searching, I’ve come to realize that e-commerce the right avenue for my current skillset. Great! The type of business that I’d like to be most comfortable doing. I’m a graphic designer, so much of mundane things like setting up Shopify store creating, graphic ads video, choosing templates etcetera, I am pretty good at it, actually it’s my strong point. Great stuff!

Currently I have a streetwear brand called Urban Street Geeks that I have been ready to launch but I hesitate due to the fact I need money to advertise. I understand it’s not likely that I’ll have the type of success that I’m looking for about doing online ads; hence my reason for signing up for the kickstart 500 grant I’m a husband and a father of five children. So I’m trying to create the type of financial freedom to be able to accompany my children in their athletics. They all play basketball and the only way I can be there to support them is to somehow generate more income. I understand that there will be many people signing up for this opportunity, but I feel like why not me. In any case I’m grateful for the opportunity and not matter what comes from this, I will continue to push forward in pursuit of my financial freedom. Excellent! So everyone congratulate Antwon for winning our kick start 500 grant.

Congratulations to you Antwon and I look forward on actually seeing your brand grow and thanks for acknowledging how important advertising is. So, I really hope that you use the $500 wisely towards your ads and then my assistant would actually reach out to you for further details. So other than, that is really it for our daily huddle for today. Before actually leave, I’m hosting a live workshop this Wednesday. There’s a link right below on Facebook and on YouTube, I actually forgot to put the link so you may have to actually go to my Facebook page, look for episode number 49. There’s a go to webinar link, click on it sign up and make sure you are there live. I’m going to be revealing my 8 figure blueprints on digital publishing. So, make sure you actually click that link sign up and make sure you are there.

Other than that, I look forward on seeing you guys tomorrow in our next daily huddle which is going to be episode number 50. Other that I’ll see you guys tomorrow! Bye now.