What’s up everybody? Fred Lam here and welcome to our daily huddle episode number 35.

Today is Thursday, as you guys know every Thursday I actually come on at around 9PM Pacific and 12AM Eastern. On the Vancouver side time zone which is on the West Coast, I’m still obviously on Thursday right now. Every Thursday I have a private webinar with every single member who is inside my community of Zero Up so I cannot actually be on live right after work which is around 6PM Pacific. My apologies on that I know that it is a little bit late for those of you who are in North America but at the same time this time zone also helps people in New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom.

Anyway, going back into what we have to discuss today and for those of you who are joining us for the first time, every single weekday from Monday to Friday I will come on live to answer five burning questions that you may have either about your business or you have an idea or you simply want my advice. If you want your question to be featured, all you have to do is go to and fill in your information in a form which is in a Google form format and I will get your question featured. With that being said, I’m not going to take a lot of your time guys but as you can see in the title, I want to basically talk about the number one habit for not just running a successful ecommerce business but any business in general. The reason why I want to cover this topic is because one of the questions that got brought up to me is asking me what my habits are and I definitely want to share with you guys and to show you what my number one habit is so that you can actually see if you want to have that in your routine, in your life and most importantly in your business.

We have a lot more people on YouTube than on Facebook. I know that at this time you guys may not be on Facebook but I just love it when I come on YouTube. I think that the reason why you guys know that I come on live is because YouTube sends out a notification email right to your inbox. You have to make sure that you not just subscribe to my channel but also hit the bell icon which you will actually get an email once I come on live.

Let me actually cover the most important questions that got submitted to me first. Let’s see if we have any time left later for me to answer more questions in the comment box of Facebook or YouTube right now. Let me dive right in first to the question of the day.

[0:05:22] Question 1: Many successful people have habits and one of them is reading. I am curious what books you have read to feed your mind. Thank you.

The first question is by Mandy Crawford. Mandy asked,

Many successful people has habit and one of them are reading. I am curious what books you have read to feed your mind. Thank you.

I’ll be very honest with you; I actually talked about this in my previous episodes where I was very vulnerable and very truthful. As you guys know and if you have watched all my daily huddles, I do not bull shit. I just flat out tell you the truth. There’s no point of me putting on a mask and be someone else and act like I know everything and that’s not me.

When it comes to reading books, I have to tell you I hardly read books. In my life, I’ve basically read like 1/3 of a book and then I just completely stop. The reason why I stopped is because obviously I hate reading books. I feel that it takes a lot of my time; however I have been doing a lot of audio books. I audio books helps me a lot. I can actually work and listen at the same time. Sometimes audio books, I don’t finish the entire book too. Here’s the reason why  don’t finish an entire book, number one I actually choose to invest my time in something that I feel that is actually more important to me at my stage in where I am at in my business and in my life right now which is experiencing.

The number one habit that I have is actually not reading books. Some people choose to meditate and they say that meditation really help them a lot. Some people say they go to the gym. Some people say they love reading books which feed their minds. You’ll find this very interesting, what really feeds my mind is simply experiencing the process. Now, what do I mean by experiencing the process? Let’s say that I want to actually master or learn exactly how I can run ads. Obviously, I can read a lot of books and I can watch a lot of videos and gain some insights. Those are excellent, those are great. However, what’s more powerful than reading, watching and taking notes is really going through the process yourself and taking action. You can read something and when you start to implement it you will actually miss out some of the key elements in place so what I normally do rather than investing my time into reading, I invest my time on actually experiencing the process myself. Let me take for example when Facebook first released their advertising platform, no one talked about it, there were no books and videos about it. Not like right now, you guys are grateful and blessed to actually have people like me giving you free training and all these videos but guess what? When I first started, there was nothing like this so in order for me to feed my mind, in order for me to gain the knowledge I have to actually implement and take us and simply experience the process. If I start experiencing the process and start doing it a lot, it’s just like an athlete. An athlete can play so well, let’s say Steve Curry, he plays so well in basketball not only because he is talented but he practices to make things perfect. Sink that in for a second, okay? You have to practice to be perfect. And it’s just like running an ecommerce store. I actually have a member who posted about it and said, “I had a big breakthrough in my mind today sharing the fact that in order for you to actually succeed in ecommerce is to test and experience the process of running ads, running a store.” And they go like, “There are no products that are guaranteed to work.” There can be a lot of products which simply work but at the end of the day if you don’t know the process, if you don’t understand what is happening throughout the process and experiencing it, you will not succeed. With that, I basically say, “You know what I comment back right into the Facebook community and I said, “Listen, this is what I’ve said from day number one that I have been teaching about running an online business is that you have to start testing and experiencing the process.

Obviously I derail myself and went into at the end of the day, someone asked me what books feed my mind but I want to tell you, for me personally books don’t really feed my mind as much as me experiencing the process and figuring things out. At the same time what I always love to do and I think that is just a habit of mine, I always think what’s going on on the other side of the computer or on the other side of a mobile phone. If I set up an ad, I don’t just set it up, I have thought process in place on why I am doing this, what will happen or reflect on the other side and what’s the outcome going to be. You really look at it from a psychology level and I talked about this before; when you are advertising it is all based on psychology. You have to tapped into the person’s mind who thinks about your product and basically push him, know what his behaviors are, serve them and sell them  product the product and that is very important.

To answer your question in short, a few books that I actually read from start to finish, the first one is the Cash Flow Quadrant which really changed the perspective of me in understanding money. Here’s the interesting part, after I basically gone through that book I bought every single book of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki but I never read them because that book alone already helped me. The second book that I really read from start to finish is called Ready, Fire Aim. That book really helped me to get to the next milestone to go over into the $10 million mark. The last book that I really read from start to finish and I use it as a bible is called Scaling Up because that book is my [inaudible 11:59], I am in that process now for my company so it’s very important for me to implement scaling up.

So that number one process is experiencing it and I would have to say, if I get to choose a second habit, it’ll be mentorship. At different walks of your lives, at different times of your lives you need different mentors to help you not just in your business but in your life right now. I would have to ask, “How many of you treat me as your mentor?” Put in a ME into the comment box right now. Just out of curiosity, let me know. Alright, I see the ME’s coming in right now. I flat out tell you this, once you learn everything from me I will tell you and I will bet that you will find the next mentor who will actually help you wherever you are at in your venture and that’s normal but choosing the right mentor is very important. Throughout my life, my habit has been finding mentors on areas that I need help in. I have been blessed to have some amazing mentors in my life and throughout the start of my career until now. Right now, I have two amazing mentors who are really helping me a lot and they really help me feed my mind at the same time because I’m not just reading a book and thinking that I know that person, I’m learning from a real person who is giving me personal feedback that I can actually experience and go through the process at the same. I’m just basically sharing with you guys what feeds me. I encourage you to actually do that. Let’s be really honest, give me a 1 in the comment box if you reflect back and you actually remember that you read a book and implement what was said in the book. Give me a 2 if you read a book that fed your mind and you forgot about it and nothing happened. Just tell me, flat out because at the end of the day, I will bet you that there are going to be more 2’s than 1’s coming in. What does that mean? Well technically you could have invested that time into experiencing running a business and experiencing yourself on understanding the process regardless of what part of the business or even if it is a personal thing. Yeah, I’m getting a lot of people saying 2 right now.  A lot of people are pouring and saying ME at the same time. But again, each person actually learns differently; some people learn better with books, some people learn better by watching videos and some people learn better with mentorship. At the same time what I want you to do and here’s your biggest take away, is that you reflect on the last time that you were trying to beat your mind to gain knowledge, what was the thing that helped you and most importantly pushed you to actually take action and experienced the process where you got some outcome out of it? If you look back and say, “You know what reading isn’t really right for me. I’ve been reading a lot of books but I haven’t been able to implement it.” Well, guess what? It’s time for a change and shift your habits. Try something else that is going to produce results.

So moving on, obviously it is more of an entrepreneurship rant. Put in a ME into the comment box if you guys like this kind of stuff. I find it very interesting when I do entrepreneurship rant during my daily huddles and you guys like it or love it, so give me a ME into the comment box if you love this kind of stuff because maybe in the future I can create a different video series just for me ranting on this stuff.

[0:16:46] Question 2: Is your 10 part step by step Zero Up Lite video series still valid training?

Anyway, moving on and the second question is by Keith Neil Stangeland. Keith said,

Hey Fred, now that you have a 10 part video series through Lurn, is your 10 part step by step Zero Up Lite video series still valid training?

Keith the answer is they are exactly the same training. They are the exact same training, one is just on a Lurn platform, and one is just on my own platform.

[0:17:11] Question 3: Zero Up is one of the most valuable eCommerce resources on the web. I'd like to promote it as an affiliate, but the affiliate link now goes to the 9th stage of your recent launch. When will you put up a new affiliate link suitable for first-time contact of a prospect?

The third question is by Don McCrea. Don said,

Zero Up is one of the most valuable eCommerce resources on the web. I’d like to promote it as an affiliate, but the affiliate link now goes to the 9th stage of your recent launch. When will you put up a new affiliate link suitable for first-time contact of a prospect?

Dawn, it’s a really great question. We are in process of making some drastic change in our business for 2018 so if you are in our partners email list, you will be informed of what is happening and then the link may pop up maybe in a month from now. We have a lot of stuff that we need to focus on and obviously that is something not really important and has a lesser impact in my business and yours too. But I’ll definitely keep you posted.


[0:19:11] Question 4: What's the workaround for new macOS High Sierra since it removes cross site tracking data?

Anyway, moving on to the fourth question by Eric Ko. Eric said,

What’s the work-around for new macOS High Sierra since it removes cross‑site tracking data?

I love this advance question because these are things that I always look at for. For those of you who don’t know and I’ll be honest with you I don’t even know that macOs is having this new update that does this.

Eric said that right now there’s a new macOS update so all the computers on Mac are having a new update and with that Apple decides to remove all cross-site tracking data. What it means is that if you have your ad clicked on an app platform and it goes to a landing page and dangles to the thank you page so the data on your web site is not passing back to Facebook then what’s going to happen? Well the data is going to be messed up

I’m not going to even tell you there’s a workaround; I don’t think you need to do anything. And here’s the reason why you don’t have to do anything, it’s because number one, Facebook is not tracked based on cookies. I believe that all cross-site tracking data is based on cookies. However, Facebook is actually based on users. Same thing goes with YouTube and Google. Now, Google and YouTube use user base as their cross-tracking. Obviously, they still have cookie-tracking just to make sure that if that person doesn’t have a Gmail account or a Google account they can still track the information.

Let me take a step back and tell you more about the technology side of things. So, what do I mean by user-based? This is what you will experience and this is very important for you to understand how this works because it affects your ads at the same time. For me, I actually have to create an account on Facebook, log into Facebook using a computer and see the news feed and see my ads. At the same time I use the same log in on my mobile phone and also in my tablet to log in to Facebook. So now Facebook doesn’t do cookie, they actually do base on user. With that being said, I am now tracked based on my user account level, so you basically see ads all the time that is the same on a mobile device, a desktop and on a tablet that’s the reason why. This also solves the problem of cross-site tracking and cross-device tracking because at the end of the day, I can actually see an ad on a mobile phone. I maybe in a hurry and I weren’t able to finish the transaction. I go back on my desktop when I have more time I get retrageted ad to me and also at the same time that same ad may show up to me again because I clicked on the ad before. That means I expressed interest on it. It depends on how you do the tracking but at the same time if I went to Facebook and I saw the ad again but I didn’t click on it; But because of the cross-browser and all this other stuff with the user and everything it just helps me at the same time.

I cannot verify if Apple is implementing that because I’m not sure if they released that information. But at the end of the day, even if Apple really decides to erase all these data there will be solutions from Google, Facebook and Bing to solve all that deletion of cross-site tracking data. I firmly believe that happens because that’s the bread and butter. They have to figure out a way. Anyway, I hope that you now understand on the technology side and basically my answer to that.

[0:23:48] Question 5: My first FB ad I went after traffic and had over 70 visitors to my site three add to carts and one initiated checkout but no purchases. My Second campaign I'm going after conversions purchase. Will this confuse my pixel?

Moving on to the last question by David Lee. David said,

My first FB ad I went after traffic and had over 70 visitors to my site three add to carts and one initiated checkout but no purchases. My Second campaign I’m going after conversions purchase. Will this confuse my pixel?

The answer is no. It won’t confuse your data as long as you’re selling within the same niche. You have to basically all your pixels set up properly. However, there’s a thing that I need to bring up to you, it’s called audience overlap. If you already have one campaign that is going after clicks or traffic to your website and if you decide to create a second campaign going after the same audience but this time going after conversions so now you have two ad sets that are going against the same market but have different objectives then you are going to cause audience overlap. It is going to have Facebook work harder to optimize your campaign and sometimes you will actually get penalized with the CPM at the same time.


If you are converting from a website traffic campaign or link click objective and you want to change it to a conversion, duplicate the first campaign to the second campaign and make sure you pause the first one when the second one is active so that way you are not causing an audience overlap.


With that, that really completes our daily huddle for today. Write into the comment box below if you are watching live right now; tell me what you guys think about our daily huddle today. I ranted a little bit about my habits and I want share those with you guys.  Maybe you guys can copy my habits. If you are watching the replay, make sure you still comment below either on YouTube or Facebook, tell me your feedback, give me thumbs up, subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my Facebook page. Most importantly if you are on YouTube make sure you click on the notification button. If you want to join our notification squad, make sure you click on that little bell icon which is a notification icon and you will get an instant notification the minute I come on live or when I upload a video training right into YouTube.

Again, I’m going to hype this up in 2018 there are a lot of amazing stuff which are going to happen. I invested nearly $50,000 for something that will blow you guys away. You are going to see all of those and hopefully by end of January. Once we hit 2018 you will hear a lot from me; from emails, Facebook messages, all my videos. I will just keep releasing video training, keep doing my daily huddle, keep coming on with more videos to help and inspire you guys and get your butt off the couch and start working so that’s one of my anticipation is and that’s what I do.

Also, if you guys are watching a replay or live video, tell me in Eastern time what is the best time you think I should actually come on live with my daily huddle that will have you guys come on with me at the same time. So, just let me know, write into the comment box below on Facebook and YouTube. I’m interested to hear your feedback. Tomorrow is Friday; I’m going to come on live again for our daily huddle. Before we wrap up 2017 and start getting ready for 2018; I’ll share my plans with you, what I want to do, what my goals are, where my ambition goes. Other than that, thank you for being here today guys. I love it when I do my daily huddle; I get a lot of you guys on. I love you guys on YouTube. YouTube guys always stay until the end, I love it. Thanks guys. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and also like my Facebook page. Tell people about Fred Lam. I will see you guys tomorrow. I may actually come on a little bit earlier tomorrow because I have a dinner to go to. I look forward on seeing you guys tomorrow. Bye now.