What’s up everybody? Welcome to our daily huddle episode number eight. The number eight is an amazing number in terms of the Chinese culture. It stands for getting rich. So again, welcome to our daily huddle episode 08 right now.

So, first thing first keep in mind that this upcoming Friday is going to be our 10th episode of our daily huddle and I’m going to give you something that will completely blow you away. So you want to make sure that on Friday you need to be here alive with us in our Facebook live and also in YouTube if you absolutely love YouTube or Facebook, depending on what you like. But if you’re on Facebook make sure that you like my page and also if you’re on YouTube make sure you subscribe to my channel so you get instant notification when I actually get on live and again on Friday is our 10th episode and I’m going to give you something crazy so you have to be there in order for you to actually get or have the opportunity to get what I actually have upcoming just for you guys. With that being said right now to day is actually our 8th episode. Like I said earlier in the Asian culture the number eight stands for rich and wealthy. I always love number eight and I’m so Asian that I always look for a license plate number having like as much 8 as possible. That’s how Asian I am just to let you guys know. Anyway, with that today here’s what’s going to happen, we’re going to talk about the number one thing to avoid for email marketing. If you want to inbox better and you actually make sure that your emails get delivered to your customers or you prospect’s inbox. With that being said right now to day is actually our 8th episode. Like I said earlier in the Asian culture the number eight stands for rich and wealthy. I always love number eight and I’m so Asian that I always look for a license plate number having like as much 8 as possible. That’s how Asian I am just to let you guys know. Anyway, with that today here’s what’s going to happen, we’re going to talk about the number one thing to avoid for email marketing. If you want to inbox better and you actually make sure that your emails get delivered to your customers or you prospect’s inbox. There’s one thing that you absolutely need to pay attention too before you actually even click the send broadcast and that goes in to your abandoned cart and also into your auto responder at the same time. I’ll cover this in just a minute in our daily huddle for today. As a matter of fact, this detail I’m going to give a quick shout out t the CEO and co-founder of Send Lane Jimmy Kim, my best recommendation for any email marketing related stuff it is is what I use for all my businesses and my deliverability has been awesome all the time.

Anyway, let’s actually dive right in into the five questions that I actually receive today. I have to search up for an email from my assistant who sends me all these questions on a daily basis. Today is obviously November 15. We have a lot of questions today which is pretty amazing and most importantly these are going to be some very, very tough questions that some people bring up, some are bad stuff and some pretty easy stuff. So, I’m going to cover it all to make sure that you guys are basically getting the knowledge that you need and everyday I’m going to answer five questions. And if you want your questions to be featured simply go to fill in that form and then we will select; I will actually go through it with my assistant and we’re going to answer five questions every day, Monday to Friday. Weekends don’t bother me. Let me play my video games on weekend and do my own thing, okay? With that if you guys are excited about today’s daily huddle put a ME into the comment box if you’re on Facebook and put in a ME right inside the live chat right on YouTube so I can actually see who you guys are and who is paying attention and being here. Awesome, we have Nick, Amy, Enrique, Roberto. We have Rey. Those guys are on YouTube. I have Ricky, Victoria, Will, Jannel. Jannel said me love this daily huddle. Awesome, awesome, awesome if you’re on Facebook make sure that you click on the like, click on the love symbol. Make sure that you share this to your friends that you know will benefit from this. I also have Freda, Daryl, John, Deborah, Thomas all on YouTube right now. Anyway, with that being said let’s dive right in into our questions today. Our first question is actually by Lisa [inaudible 4:57-5:04]. I’m so bad with names. Lisa [inaudible 05:09]. I’m seriously having trouble pronouncing names. As you guys all know in our last several daily huddles I keep saying that I suck at names that prove to you.

[0:05:28] Question 1: As a Canadian business owner, I noticed that your stores are always in USD currency (even though you are in Canada) and that you market almost entirely to the United States in your Facebook Ads. I understand that there may be some tax benefits (?) to it, and maybe a larger audience (?) but I would like to know what your reasoning and experience are behind it. What the pros and cons are (as you see it) as opposed to running a business in CDN currency and marketing towards the Canadian market. Have you done both and done a comparison? Is it more profitable? As you can is a full-bodied multi-layered question! 🙂

Yes, that is a pretty crazy question. First of all, about tax benefit I am not in the position on answering that question because this is all about legality and attorney and accounting that I don’t think it is wise for me to publicly talk about it so, at the end of the day when it comes to tax benefit you have to talk to your attorney and your lawyers or your account directly about that. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble and at the same time, I am not in the position because I personally am not an accountant and I am not a lawyer to give you that information. Again, I’m only doing this because I’m being true to you, I don’t know the answers to everything and even when I do know but again when it ties in to legality I don’t want you to take it for granted and it can get you screwed over and that’s the last thing that I want.

Now with that we’re talking about larger audience size and what how I compare with Canadian currency and also compare it to the Canadian market. This is an absolutely great question that you bring up as you guys all know I’m from Canada and obviously I run my business all in Canada. So with that, here’s one thing USD is actually the currency that you should be using and here’s why because in trades, in exchange, US dollar by default is the main currency that you want to use. If you actually look at all the major top sites around the world majority of them are using USD currency. There are ones that are like super big that may have like a subsidiary company that’s charging Canadian dollars but that’s going to be like way over your head and there’s going to be a lot of stuff that you have to implement and actually have at play.

Here’s the reason why I go after US currency over Canadian. It’s because first of all, Canadian currency a lot of people when they see the dollar symbol, majority of the people around the world know right away that that is a US currency, not really Canadian currency so by default in mindset of people they are already in minds of paying US dollars. So if I were to actually charge Canadian in my stores versus US dollars I’m going to be missing out on 24% in the exchange rate because $1 in US is now equal to like roughly bank-wise is dollar 24 in Canadian so technically I’m making 24% more profit by simply utilizing that so that’s a pro on my end. Another thing is that when you compare the Canadian market and the US market especially in the online space, you can actually verify this data yourself. If you go into Facebook ads or you go into into your Google ads and you simply look at the population or the amount of reach in Canada versus in US, it’s like peanuts to elephant that’s the comparison because in US there are so much more people, the population is so much bigger and most importantly people just love to buy online in the United States. Now, have I done a comparison? Absolutely! I sell all my products around the world, when I specifically look at the data between US and looking at Canada I can tell you I see at least 10x more traffic and 10x more sales as sometimes I’m getting 20 to 30x more sales by actually just advertising to US and Canada at the same time. So to me, US is a way bigger market because it has a lot more audience and US people are more in the mindset of buying products online where as Canadian they know that they’re going to hit up on a huge shipping rate because we’re basically dominated by only a couple couriers and they’re frickin’ expensive when it comes to shipping. Again, I hope that I answered your questions. This doesn’t mean that you cannot create a Canadian store and sell within Canada. You absolutely can; however, if I look at this I’ll be like well if I’m spending the same amount of time on creating a Canadian versus setting up as store that sells to Canada and US, what would you choose? I think that the answer to the question is very simple. You rather focus in the entire North America just simply charge USD. That’s what I would actually suggest you to do. I hope that answers your question in detail and in length.

[0:11:32] Question 2: On your top 100 selling product list, you advocate flex targeting and/or precision targeting. Which is best to test product affinity on Facebook?

Great question. I don’t go ahead and test affinity right out the gate. I usually use flex targeting and I use precise targeting just to really test the product to see if it works or it doesn’t work. Now when it comes to affinity you’re going to get a much bigger audience size and I don’t tend to share or basically tell people or tell our members to go after a bigger audience size if they haven’t tested the product first.

Affinity can be tested that’s true but at the end of the day, the audience size is so much bigger you need a lot more budget in order for you to actually figure out if that audience is going to actually buy your products or not. So with that I always suggest you to go with flex targeting and precise targeting just to actually see if the product works, if the metric actually shows you that it can generate sales, it can generate profit or break even and then you slowly diversify from there but ultimately at the end of the day the number one key when you’re advertising a particular product is to always, always test it. You would never know if a targeting works or not. Like I said in earlier episodes, I basically talked about using your customer data base uploading it to Facebook using the custom audience they actually take a look at your audience on your customers who they really are. And out of my surprise and I would never guessed it or I would never knew that they’re really into politics and we’ve been recently testing into the politics market with a product that’s a household product which is completely irrelevant to politics and guess what it’s selling really, really, really well. If I never went ahead and test it I would not know so again as a marketer especially as a person that want to actually drive up your business and generate more sales, you want to look through your initial data tell you if that product is going to sell or not and that’s why I always tell you to use flex targeting and precise targeting. Then it shows you data that hey this product can take off then you slowly test different things like what you said, affinity and I would test different interest revolving around that affinity and see how it goes and really move up a bigger audience size. So that’s what I would do. Again, at the end of the day you will never know until you actually test it and have your audience and have your market respond to you with the data that you need to make the perfect decision on what you need to actually do next.

And here’s the deal if it’s 10 years ago or even 5 years ago when you’re basically trying to advertise a product online there’s no way in heaven like you are given the opportunity to actually create it in a way where you’re advertising and you’re investing in traffic and investing in your business at a much lower risk because you’re getting all these data points to tell you if that product is going to sell or not. $5 that’s it and I even tell my members a lot of times like if you’re spending $5 a day and your cost per click is at three bucks guess what, kill the ad, kill the ad before you even spend $5 because that’s what you wanted to do. You want to move at a rapid pace, the faster you test products the faster you look at your data points and the more—this is very important, don’t think twice because the data that I tell you guys inside Zero up light ad also inside Zero up, the data points that you want to look at they are important metric in data. Don’t let those data like don’t even fight it because at the end of the day if you’re like “You know what I’m just going to—I feel that there’s a chance because I love this product.” Guess what that is what I call BS! Because if the data is telling that the products aren’t selling, it’s not going to sell so you want to pause it, relook at it and see, well is it my creative problem? Is it my audience problem? Am I getting add to carts and all those other stuff before you actually move on and do all the other stuff. You have to basically make quick decisions and fast decisions, okay do not stall in thinking like “Oh tomorrow maybe some magical thing happens, the fairy tale will give me some magical power and this product will obviously sell”, that’s not going to work. I’m just sharing that with you guys


[0:16:28] Question 3: What is the number one thing to do in my email marketing to make sure my emails hit my subscriber's inbox?

Put in the word INBOX if you want to learn what is the number one thing or one of the most important thing that you are going to really pay attention to before you hit the send button in your email auto responder which I recommend Sendlane and you want to make sure that it hits your subscriber’s inbox. Put in the word INBOX right now and I’ll share from my perspective on what they are after sending like so many, so many emails out. [Inaudible 17:07-15] In one simple answer “words”. The CEO and co-founder of Send lane actually call these the curse words. I’m not talking about the F word, the S word or the A word. I’m literally talking about words that will make ISP or basically IPs or whatever; I’m not really into that technology side of things, I think it’s the ISP. On basically words that they look out for and trigger it as a spam. And here’s one word that always, always, always will have a higher chance on not getting your email inbox to your subscriber is using the word free. The word free is overly used by a lot of people who abuse mailing servers, so at the end of the day the ISP and other people who actually provide it like even Google, Gmail and everyone when they see the word free, you’re not going to get inbox. You may get inbox here and there if you’re using it once or twice here and there but if you’re using it very frequently then you are going to actually get some trouble into getting your emails inbox to your subscriber’s inbox.

Jimmy is kind enough to actually share a link with me to share all the things, all the words that will—what they call the curse words that will most likely trigger as a spam and either hit into the Gmail promotional box or it’s just going to hit spam. And here’s one thing, if you hit the promotional box or the spam you need to work your butts off to basically and actually write good emails that should get you out of it. So here are some of the words; having three dollar symbols, using the word 100% free, 100% satisfied, 50% off, acceptance, access, accordingly, act now, add, affordable, all new, amazing, apply now, apply online, auto email, removal, afford, bargain, beneficiary, best price, beverage, big bucks, billing address, billion, billion dollars, bonus, buy, brand new, pager, call free, call down, cancel anytime, card accepted, cash, cash bonus, casino, celebrity, cents on the dollars, certified, chance, cheap, check, check or money order you know what there’s way too many. It’s going to take me forever like I’m getting tired already. So there is a bunch of words and you know what I’ll post this link tight now into the comment box. It is actually a blog written by the CEO of Send lane and I’ll post the link so you guys can actually take advantage of it and see. I’m posting it right now on both YouTube and Facebook so you guys can actually take advantage of it and read it up. Again, that’s the number one thing that I always look out for. Am I having words that are going to actually trigger spam? And that’s one of the most important thing that you absolutely need to pay attention. When it’s a talk about email marketing, it’s going to take me forever to talk about like all of the things that you have to be worried about, what the things you have to look at, the subject line and all those other thingy majigy. So if you guys want to actually learn how to inbox better go to Sendlane’s website. Again, I’m not giving you guys an affiliate link, I’m not earning a commission for this I’m just giving you guys my recommendation; go to and on top of the blog you’ll see an opt-in box where they give away a free e-book that shares with you the strategies, tactics, or things that will actually help you to get inbox into you subscriber’s inbox. If you guys are basically looking for an email marketing service I highly recommend Sendlane. I think they have a free trial going on right now, sign up there and play around with it. I have great results with Sendlane and I know the CEO of Sendlane really, really well and he’s a really good friend of mine. Again, I’m not saying this because he’s a good friend of mine I’m telling you guys this because I have experienced a very, very high deliverability rate with Sendlane and their customer service team is absolutely awesome. Anyway, again I don’t get a commission for saying this; I’m just sharing with you guys based on experience.


[0:21:53] Question 4: Hello Fred. In your shipping training on Zero Up you stated these weights: Medium Shipping 0.3 kg – 0.39 kg, $7.95, Heavy Goods Shipping 0.5 kg – 0.59 kg, $12.95. Shouldn't there be another rate of 0.4 kg - 0.49 kg? Thank you.

The answer to the question is NO. The reason why is that some people maybe actually buying a product that’s going to be at 3 kilograms and buying in smaller product that’s going to be at like 0.1 kilogram and the at the end of the day, you still want to charge $7.95 because let me tell you this, people in America are too spoiled in shipping. If you ask them to pay for like two products and it cost them more than $8 to receive it and it is either like a really small item like this they are just going to leave and abandon your cart because thanks to Amazon and thanks to all the competitiveness in North America people are just too used to paying free low shipping. So I purposely leave that out unless if you’re selling like a much bigger package that will require you to actually charge more shipping. The max that I would go is like $12.95 unless obviously you’re selling like what furniture, if you’re selling like something that is super heavy and that’s a different story but in reality or in commonality and in general the shipping [inaudible 23:34] that I gave you guys are ones that I tested, the numbers that works and if you actually want to charge more, it is up to you. If you want to add in another one between $7.95 and $12.95, again it is up to you but what I gave you is what I have been using and I’m just sharing with you what I’ve been using in this realm of things.


[0:24:09] Question 5: Fred, how can I paste Facebook tracking pixel to vendor’s sales page? Like the order page, confirmation page.

I’m not really understanding Larry if you are talking about a vendor as in a click bank vendor, an affiliate network vendor or a vendor on like Aliexpress, Doba or other providers of inventory arbitrage. I’m going to cover all three.

For click bank you need to actually contact the affiliate manager and request and ask them if you are able to actually put in the pixel. Now, here’s the truth a lot of them will tell you flat out NO unless if you’re able to drive consistent sales and they can see your volume that is going to be debatable so it really depends on your relationship and your sales volume with click bank vendors.

Number two, for affiliate network or what we call CPA network some of them will actually give you the ability to put in the pixel on the confirmation page if they allow. Some offers do, some offers don’t. From what I’m aware of Neverblue does, Maxbounty does and at times they have to actually request for a special request end in order for you to do that but I know that a lot of this CPA network guys are giving you the ability to out you pixel only on the confirmation page.

When it comes to vendors there’s no way in heaven they’re going to do it so at the end of the day don’t even bother about it. If you’re trying to actually get a vendor on the Aliexpress or any other platform that actually help you ship physical products chances are it’s like zero because they don’t even own the website themselves, right? It’s just off of Aliexpress; it’s just off of all these other places. Again, I know that does not going to be an answer that you’re looking for but I’m just being open and upfront to you guys about it.

So with that, that is actually five questions answered today. Now, put in your feedback right now in the comment box in Facebook. If you are on YouTube give me some feedback. I have been doing this for like eight episodes right now definitely I want some feedback from you guys and every day we’re growing getting more people coming on live with us. Again, I apologize that I cannot actually tell you in advance on what time I’m going to be coming on live, I’ll try as much as I can. Well, I choose to do this as much as I can on giving you guys ahead notice but let’s be honest I have a crazy schedule all the time and I just want to make sure that when I say I’m want to be on, I’m going to be on but regardless whatever happens, whatever time it is I will be on every day Monday to Friday regardless of the holiday, regardless if I’m traveling I will be coming on live just to actually be with you guys on our daily huddle which I answer five questions everyday and I’m not going to half-ask these questions I’m going to answer them in full details and in-length and we could turn this on into a content. And what we’re in progress I’m doing right now is that we’re going to collect all the questions and answers that I’ve been doing on a daily basis. This is actually inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk, I have to thank him. I don’t know him personally but I watch a lot of his stuff and he actually create a search engine for all the questions he answers so people like you can take advantage of that. And that’s what I’m trying to do at the same time; you might as well take full advantage of it, right?



Anyway, with that being said if you have any questions ask, just go to and like I said if you guys want to actually look at what the curse words are, the CEO and co-founder of Sendlane Jimmy Kim had written a blog about it, I posted inside Facebook and YouTube right now and if you guys want to learn how to inbox better there is a free e-book, no obligation, nothing to pay on Sendlane’s website in their blog session that you can check it out. It’s really great stuff I do have to say. These guys are basically sending a lot of emails on a daily basis they definitely know what they’re talking about. That’s it for today again, a reminder to you Friday whatever you do make sure you have a phone handy, make sure you’re beside a computer watch out for an announcement when I’m going to come alive because I’m going to do something pretty crazy and you have to be there live in order for you to have a chance to actually get what I’m going to be giving away this Friday. I look forward on seeing you guys tomorrow. Make sure you keep working on your business there is no laziness involved you need to keep hassling and I always say, go go go. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye now.