Hello everybody! Welcome to our Daily Huddle episode 5 right now.

We’re actually on our 5th episode and we’re having done this for an entire week right now and this is only our first week. I’m planning on actually having our Daily Huddle every single weekday Monday to Friday regardless of where I am, we are going to come on live where I basically answer five questions. You have a burning question let me know by clicking on the link above this video if you are on Facebook and if you are on YouTube right in the description there is a link, click on it and submit your question and every day I will be answering five questions. And I’m not just going to give you a one-word answer; I’m going to go into detail and why I give you the answer that I would give you. And it could be anything about building a business, growing your business. I’ll give you about e-Commerce, digital publishing, affiliate marketing, local business, and agency. Anything that you have that you believe can help you move your business forward or they actually make more money, let me know. So all you have to do is again there’s a link above this video on Facebook and then there’s a link right in the description if you are on YouTube.

I know that today is Friday, a lot of people think that on Friday it is basically the best time for you to actually just spend time on watching your favorite TV show or to go and have some drinks with your friends or spending some time with your family but here’s one thing like I said as always when you’re an entrepreneur there’s no such thing as, “Thank God it’s Friday” and there’s no weekend. If you want to actually achieve financial success and start to build a real business that can actually build a massive amount of income for you, listen, you have to basically give up your hobby, you have to give up time to your family, you have to give up time doing your favorite things because you need to start hassling and get your work being done.

I know today is Friday so here’s what I’m going to do, for those of you who are on live with us right now, put in the word excited so I can make sure that you guys are paying attention to what I’m saying right now before I dive right in to answer five of the questions that have been actually submitted to us in the link above or below this video. I’m getting people right coming to James, Nathan [inaudible 02:35-36] every day that is awesome. I’m getting excited coming in and there always some delays obviously I’m not sure why. Me, talking to you guys right now and actually streaming this, there are some delays. And again for those of you who are saying, “Why is Fred looking on the right side, well-left side for you guys is that the comment box and everything I actually see over there. I’m getting hordes of people saying excited right, excellent!

So I’m not going to waste time, I’m going to just dive right in to actually start answering questions. Yes, as you can see I got my iPhone X, loving it so far it’s pretty fast, I’m trying to get used to it because it doesn’t have the home button but so far I like it.

[0:03:27] Question 1: (I'm French, sorry for the grammar mistakes) Hi Fred!! Thanks again for your amazing content and perfect advice you give on your channel (especially Legend for Fb Ads hahah). Here is my question: I've chosen to build a drop-shipping website that targets people who protects sea turtles, and I try to increase engagement and get my first sales by offering products that give back to charities and sea turtle conservancy association. Do you think it's a good niche in order to boost the start? Thank you!!!!!

Great question! I always love charity work and I really play a huge part in charity work. I always believe that if you can actually tie in your business or even your products over charity it would actually speak some massive volume for you and your brand because people want to actually get involved with what you’re doing. People really want to buy what you have because you are sharing your profit with a non-profit organization. Now, with that, there are two parts that I would actually take a look. First of all, yes, you can go after sea turtles that are awesome a lot of people love turtles but if you just go after specific people that love turtles and also will donate or actually pay attention to what is happening with turtles. Your market audience is going to be pretty small so what you wanted to do is you want to actually go wider and go after the bigger audience of anyone that would just love turtles; there’s giant turtles, sea turtles, tortoise etc. etc. that will give you more of a bigger piece of the pie and a bigger audience for you to actually go after that market. Now with that being said, what you then wanted to do is to kind of educate people a little bit about sea turtles. Like for me right now I know that there are certain turtles that are going to go extinct very, very soon.

I’m not sure what breed it is etc. etc. So you want to be vocal about all this or you want to basically share that these sea turtles are basically getting into like serious problems when it comes to health and their living area all because of pollution and everything. You want to be vocal about that so at the end of the day not only are you selling a product you want to let people know that you yourself are really caring about this particular problem which in your case is basically saving the turtles then that’s going to relay that story to your customers and they will feel more of a trust and bond that they build with you for them to actually pull up their credit cards and buy the product. So again, [inaudible 06:30] is absolutely awesome because that basically puts you in a position where you have a unique selling proposition. There’s another store that sells the same product, they will be like “Well, I choose to buy from Yan’s store because not only they’re trying to make a difference in the world, I can see that they’re very passionate about turtles at the same time.” So that’s what I would look at. If it starts to work well for you then actually I would diversify, maybe going after elephants or going after different animals that have a very, very big following. So that’s what I would suggest you do and I think it is absolutely awesome to do that.

[0:07:29] Question 2: We're coming up to Thanksgiving (US), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, then the Christmas Holidays. What are your recommendations (and timeline) for ecommerce sites to take advantage of this period?

Excellent question! I have not been really opened to talk about this yet but right now that’s what we are going to spend some time on. First of all especially if you are drop-shipping or you’re overcharging inventory here’s one thing that you absolutely need to know; you need to first find out what is the cut off period for shipping the products from China to your customers so you’re not basically upsetting any customers, that’s step number one. you have to stay in communication with your vendors on knowing when the shipping cut off is so that they don’t receive products after that specific event so maybe we’re talking about in two weeks right now there’s going to be a very, very big Black Friday and Cyber Monday that do the most sales in the entire United States in that one day, a lot of people gear up for that one day. On top of that once you finalized, “Okay I know when somebody will actually get the products, when is the shipping dates” then you want to start promoting two to three weeks prior to that event. You don’t want to put a discount right away, you can say that in the next two weeks, every day there’s going to be a new product that is going to go on [inaudible 08:57] discount and then on specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is fine, you know that’s more of like Christmas that you have to worry about if people are buying for Christmas gift. For Cyber Monday and Black Friday what I would actually ask you to do is start basically two weeks in advance and either emailing [inaudible 09:18], talking about it, build anticipation. That’s what you want to do, you want to build anticipation and then you basically [inaudible 09:26] right on the four days, Black Friday to the weekend and Cyber Monday you want to basically  [inaudible 09:34] and share with people and basically in all your ads you should be talking about Cyber Monday and Black Friday’s massive deals. Then you want to lead them to your page. I would lead them to the collection page to show that all your products are in the discount. People are just going to buy regardless as long as they see the discount during those times is going to be fine so, that’s coming for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When it comes to Thanksgiving there are not really a lot of Thanksgiving sales so I don’t really have to tell you to do anything because it’s so close to Black Friday and Cyber Monday which you want to put all your attention in.

Now, for Christmas, it’s going to be a different story. When people buy for Christmas they want to make sure that they receive the product before Christmas Eve. So then at that point, you have to make sure that you talk to your vendor about seeing when the cut off period for that product is. Another most important thing is that during Christmas people don’t buy products for themselves, they buy for others so in your ad you want to basically say buy this product as a gift. It’s a perfect gift for XYZ lover or something along lines of that because again the mentality is very different. People buy for themselves when it comes to Cyber Monday and Black Friday. They’re looking for deals maybe a TV, electronics, or it could be anything; they’re buying for themselves but when it comes to Christmas they’re really buying it as a gift to other people so in your ad you want to position it where you are basically telling that person to buy your product as a gift to their friends and families, and that’s what you want to do. Now, for Christmas again talk to your vendor find out when their shipping cut off is going to be and from there I would do two to three weeks out; I will start promoting it right away because people all know that right after Black Friday, right after Cyber Monday people are starting to get into the holiday spirit and that’s the perfect opportunity for you to actually sell to them more products at the same time.

That’s what it is. I hope that help you guys out. And again, in all your ads when you’re going after Black Friday and Cyber Monday you really want to talk about like Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals and making sure that you’re basically having like some banners to talk about Black Friday or Cyber Monday so people know that you are having a theme sales event happening. That’s very important.

[0:12:12] Question 3: If you only had $500 to spend on traffic to your opt-in page and you could not use Facebook, what method(s) would you use?

Excellent question! I love that. So this is not eCommerce now, we’re talking about either digital publishing, affiliate marketing and obviously email marketing right now because you are driving a person to an opt-in page. Now, if you are not going to advertise on Facebook and you say, “You know what I don’t want to spend my $500 on Facebook.” Then there are really two ways or two places that I will suggest you start right away, do you want traffic and you want to actually see [inaudible 12:51] and leads right away. Number one if you are in the digital publishing space, going after affiliate, going after email marketing and you’re not really running in for your local business then you want to actually look at running what we call solo ads. What solo ads really are is that you simply go to and you can actually buy email traffic for cost per click. So you basically you create an email copy have that person send an email out on their behalf so they’re sending it to you. Technically, they’re endorsing you and we call this warm traffic and when the email gets sent out when the visitor clicks on the link to go to your landing page then you actually pay your cost per click, that’s what you do. The first thing is just solo ads, buying email ads, that’s what you want to do and we call this dedicated solo ads.

The second option that you can do if you don’t want to play around Facebook, it’s Bing. Bing accepts opt-in pages. If you have been following me for the longest time you would have received a Bing course that I gave away for free. I may be doing it again if you want to basically know when I’m going to give away free courses make sure you follow me on Facebook, subscribe to all my emails and also subscribe on my YouTube channel and that’s where I do all these fun announcements where you guys can take advantage of it.

So with that, again two places one is solo ads and the other one is basically running on Bing. So Bing is basically paying per click, obviously, if someone is searching for something specific and you have a free report, you have a free guide or something to solve that problem chances are people will actually give you the email address. And these are two methods that I am suggesting that you have to look into.

So, going on to the fourth question. Now, put in the word ME in the comment box in Facebook or comment box on YouTube if you guys are learning a lot of these amazing things and you guys love our daily huddle. I know that it is Friday for some of you but at the end of the day, we hassle our butt even on a Friday.


[0:15:52] Question 4: How do you deal with returned items when you are drop shipping? Because 1 - I put my address on the return policy And 2 - I couldn't find the addresses of my suppliers.

Good question. When it comes to returns, there are two options for you to take and it also depends on the price or your cost of goods, of how much you pay for that product. If it’s anywhere like under $15; if my cost of goods is under $15 I won’t even worry or even worth the hassle of telling your customer to ship the product back and all those other stuff. What I always tell people to do is, “You know what refund their money and just tell them you know what keeps the product and maybe that this product doesn’t work for you and we hope that you come back to check our other products that we have.” I’ve done this numerous times and customers are actually really happy about it because of it may be just that product that they are not liking but in the store, there are other products but for you, your basically saying, “You know what I want to refund, keep the product”. They’ll be going, “Wow, these guys are really legit. He just gave me a product for free. I’m going to check out what else he has and I want to actually build a relationship with this company.” That’s what I would do even if it’s going to cause you more than $15. And if you don’t want people to ship the product back to your home address then what I would suggest you do is to get a PO Box address and get the product shipped back to you. That’s what I would do.

Now, when you start to actually have, it’s very rare because when you sell a physical product refund rate is very, very low but let’s say that when you have like 10 or 20 pieces of product that got returned to you, well guess what you can actually run a promotion to your email list in your customers that you have some massive discounts on your refurbished products or you products that you actually received back so that you are not having these products sitting in your PO Box mail or at home, you can actually now simply sell it out at a cheaper price, it doesn’t matter so that you are basically cycling and getting your cash back into your pocket. That’s what I would do. At times, if you’re working with Aliexpress, you are also protected by the three-day money back so if there’s anything the supplier maybe returned once you receive the product, return it back to them and actually get your cost of goods back. So, there are different ways for you to do it. For me, I actually have them shipped it back to us when we sell products that are like higher than $15 for a cost; if it’s lower than $15 then we basically just tell our customers to keep it. That’s the habit that I have and that I always do.

[0:19:07] Question 5: Hi Fred. Could you explain more in depth about audience overlap on FB ads?

This is more for advance people out there. An audience overlap usually comes at play if you are using what we call the lookalike audience or if you’re the audience is sometimes too similar to each other.

Here’s what happened in the account level, let’s say that I don’t want to use look alike because it’s going to confuse you but the majority of the time audience overlap due on lookalike. I’m going to use a lookalike audience as an example or I will use the custom audience. I want to use the custom audience as an example so let’s say that if a customer went to your website and they basically added the product to cart and they left. So now on Facebook when you create a custom audience for anyone that added a product to cart and you advertised to them then you are going to be fine. You are not going to have something called the audience overlap. However at the same time, if you create a new custom audience of people who are your website visitors so, you want to actually re-target to people who basically have gone to the landing page and you want to re-target them and you create an ad to actually re-target those people.

Now, if you did not actually create what we call exclusions then what’s going to happen is that you are going to be advertising to people who are basically going to your landing page and also at the same time you have another asset or campaign that’s going after the same people but they just added the product to cart. So what happens is that let me draw this out, it’s going to be a lot easier than me explaining it. You have your asset going to everyone and we’re going to say like web visits. So, let’s say that you have an asset that goes after basically web visits over here and you have a campaign going to this right now. So let’s say that you have a campaign going after web visitors. You have a campaign go after web visitors. When you set up your second campaign there are people who are going to be adding the product to carts, you have a smaller circle. Now, what’s going to happen is that you will have an audience overlap because if you have a campaign going after basically everyone who is in the website visit and everyone who basically add to cart then you are going to basically have these people, you’re competing against yourself right now because A.) you have the add to cart ads running and only add to carts when you actually have to go to website visit first before they even add to cart, so that when you have two ads running simultaneously at the same time with the exclusions then you are going to have an audience overlap of a 100% because now you are basically advertising to one person and they see two ads. It’s going to basically cost Facebook much harder to actually help you run your ads because “Hey what do you really want? What do you want to do?” So that’s what you want to create something called the exclusion.

Another perfect example is what we call look alike audience. Let’s say that you create a 1% look alike audience and you create another ad that’s going after a 2% look alike audience, so chances are there’s going to be a lot of people in the 2% that are basically the same audience as the 1% and if this happens you are going to create an audience overlap right in the middle and when that happens then 1.) these are rumors that you are going to actually get penalized for your Facebook ad because you are making Facebook much harder to optimize for your ads. I know that this sounds a little bit too advanced, too over your head but at the same time that’s what audience overlap really is. Your goal is to try to actually keep the audience overlap to a minimum. Zero is the best but sometimes you can’t actually control obviously right away if it’s going to be100% but try to stay away from audience overlap because again, you’re making Facebook much harder to surf and optimize your ads and eventually it’s going to penalize yourself. It takes more time for your ads to actually to convert and all those other unwanted things happening.



That’s it for the five questions of today. I know that for some of you guys it’s already Saturday but to some of you guys it’s still Friday night, you might be actually spending time at a bar or watching your favourite TV show. I see a lot of people talking in the live chat right now in YouTube. Tomorrow is weekend and I’m going to give you guys a break, I’m not going to do a daily huddle on Saturday and Sunday, only Monday to Friday, it’s just going to be anytime. So if you want to actually get notification instantly on when I’m going to do a daily huddle you have to make sure that you follow me on Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

There’s also one thing that I’m going to do, next week I’m going to release a new video training just for you guys especially for those of you who are just starting out and want to figure out what business model is right for you and how you can actually start an online business for less than $100 make sure you watch out for my emails on giving you that video training and all those amazing things and other than that there is going to be a workshop coming up in a couple of weeks make sure you actually watch out for my emails, make sure you actually be here every day in our daily huddle because in the daily huddle you guys actually get quick right away updates right from me. Have a wonderful weekend but don’t just relax and chillax and do nothing you want to actually spend some time on gaining your knowledge go through my YouTube channel watch some video training there and really take action on building your business. You have to keep hassling!

Other than that my last word is go, go, go and I’ll see you on Monday, even though Monday is actually a holiday for me it is Remembrance Day for me but I still be coming on live on Monday to host our daily huddle so if you guys have any burning questions that you want to get featured, you want my answer to there’s a link above Facebook right now, click on it if you are on YouTube right below there’s a description, there’s a link click on it and I will get to your question as soon as I can. That’s it for Today guys, I look forward on seeing you next week have a wonderful weekend ahead and I hope you decide to keep hassling for your business, keep running Facebook ads, keep dissecting your data and other than that I look forward on seeing you guys on Monday. I will see you guys soon.