What is up everybody Fred Lam here and welcome to our daily huddle episode number 51.

Alright so obviously today I came on live at a very odd hour. I usually come on live at around 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern but today is a special day that I actually have to go to a dinner.  That’s why I actually have to come on live a lot earlier than the normal time which is just 2 hours ahead time and obviously I may hope that I can actually get a hold of some other different people that weren’t able to actually join us live in our previous sections only because of time zone difference.

I hope that this will basically get others on that normally can’t get. I know that last night obviously, I ran a live workshop a really amazing workshop and I have like hundreds of people there. Right after it, I got pretty exhausted went for dinner, so I wasn’t able to actually come back on live for my daily huddle.

I apologize for those of you that I’ve actually got affected. I really look forward to my daily huddles that I wasn’t actually able to come on live yesterday. Now today I want to actually cover a very particular subject that a lot of people are asking about. Now, if you recall earlier this year, just like I would say I think it was two weeks ago Facebook made a huge announcement on their newsfeed. A lot of people started to panic to actually see what will happen to my ads or what will happen to my business with this update.

Now put in a ‘me’ right into the comment box if this is something that you want to know or from my experience and from my knowledge, how I’m going interpret this massive newsfeed update that Facebook actually released by Mark Zuckerberg. I would say around two weeks ago.

Alright I’m getting people that are starting putting a lot of “me’s” in right now. Here’s the deal, about two weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg made a big announcement. He basically said that there is going to be a massive change right now in the newsfeed for all their users. Now, when that announcement actually came out, a lot of people start to panic. A lot of people thought, “what’s going to happen?” “Will it affect my business?” “The new update, how is it going to really affect my business?”

So, here’s the deal, there’s actually two parts to the announcement. The first part Facebook specifically said that they are going to now show newsfeed more on people’s friends posts, they’re going to also show more on groups and more having user-to-user interaction. What Facebook’s trying to do is basically killing Facebook pages which we all need as an advertiser to actually advertise on Facebook and as a business, it is actually recommended and it is needed to actually have a Facebook page to keep in contact with your fans, if you’re followers and actually use it for advertising.

With that, when obviously Facebook make that first announcement, every single person start to panic because that means that – “What’s going to happen to my posts?” “Will I actually even get any traffic from my post?” Now with that, basically to interpret what Facebook’s trying to do is that Facebook is basically going to say goodbye Facebook pages, you’re not going to actually have organic reach for your post. Obviously how much reach you’re going to have, I don’t know how much decrease you’re going to have, I don’t know. Because what Facebook’s trying to do is that Facebook want it to actually have people or their users to actually spend more time on Facebook. So, when Facebook actually figured out that in order for us to actually have our users to actually spend more time on Facebook, we need to actually change the algorithm to actually show post that is more about their friends or groups etcetera.

When that happens, well we got to take a look at the business perspective, now yes it’s going to affect Facebook pages. Obviously, we cannot have really get much traction on organic posts and even before they make that update on the newsfeed earlier this year, as you all know organic reach for a Facebook post is actually not that great. You’re not going to get a lot of traction on it. With that, when we look at it from a business standpoint, we know that Facebook makes all their money from simply having advertisers,, like us and you guys, advertising on their platform. Now, if they actually look at it or if I look at it from a business perspective, if Facebook’s ultimate goal is to actually have users spending more time on their platform and on their newsfeed, what does that mean?

Well, in my interpretation, it’s actually going to mean an opportunity for advertisers rather being actually a problem for an advertiser. Now, here’s what I mean by that – as you guys all know I teach about Facebook ads, I tell everyone to actually use Facebook Ads and it’s actually one of the most important traffic source when it comes to a business. Now, when it comes to an advertising platform, there’s always the supply and demand. If you guys remember right in quarter four of last year, all the CPM is actually going through the roof. Everyone is actually panicking, everyone’s saying that their ads used to work well and suddenly all the CPM went so high and it got so expensive that obviously everyone had to either shut down their ads or to actually lower the spend because they cannot be competitive.

Because of that problem, Facebook we can see that hey, we’re actually running out of inventory. That’s what happened, in quarter four all of fortune 100 companies, all the agencies all the brands are trying to actually make all their money and spend all their advertising budget before they actually go into 2018. With that, when obviously the supply is not being increased but the demand have been exposed exponentially increasing then the weight doesn’t balance out. So, that means that there are let’s say a hundred spots and there are 200 advertisers, then what does that mean?

The person or the company that pays the most amount of money will win that at spot and that’s why I CPM went straight up the roof right before the new year, if I look at the Facebook update, I see this as an opportunity and here’s why? If you actually look at this and say okay Facebook’s making this update because they want more users to be spending more time on Facebook. If we actually look at this, before they make the newsfeed adjustment, let’s say that on average a user spends 5 minutes per day on Facebook. They spend 5 minutes per day on Facebook. Now, out of that 5 minutes, let’s say that they have seen 20 different ads. For every 5 minutes a user actually spent on Facebook, there are 20 different ads. When Facebook actually did all of their user technology, they actually did the calculation and they figured out that hey so if we actually show more people posts or more of your friends posts, the user may not spend 5 minutes they’re going to actually spend let’s say 8 minutes okay or let’s say 10 minutes for easy math. Let’s say that from 5 minutes they jumped to ten minutes a day because they’re finding more valuable content and more relevant content in their newsfeed.

So, now when before the news update they actually happened and they actually spend 5 minutes and have 20 ads, now the user actually spends 10 minutes then that really means that hey you’re going to actually see double the ads because you’re spending more time on Facebook and what really happened is that Facebook – because they are able to actually increase the amount of time a user spends on their newsfeed and on Facebook, that means that there are actually more inventory for them to sell.

Do you guys see where I’m coming at and where the opportunity is? Again it’s all about the supply and demand. Right now, yes it does affect people that basically focus on trying to get traffic based on their organic posts but what Facebook’s basically saying is that, you know what we’re going to increase inventory and for us to actually increase more inventory, where Facebook is going to make more money. If there’s more inventory, Facebook makes more money, it’s kind of like real estate – the bigger your land is, the more money you are going to make. It’s the exact same thing right now.

Facebook’s trying to increase their inventory. They’re increasing their supply so that they can keep up with the demand. Now, it does suck for people to focus on organic posts because what’s going to happen is that in order for you to actually get traffic to sell a product, get a lead generation or to do whatever if you want, you now need to actually advertise on Facebook. So basically right now they are increasing the level of entry for any single individual to actually take advantage of the Facebook platform. They now have to advertise and pay to play the game. So for you and I, it doesn’t actually have a big effect, because we all depend on our performance, our sales all from our advertising. We don’t depend it right into the organic post.

Again, that’s what I’m seeing. Now, there’s another update is that Facebook want people to do more live videos, just like right now, I’m doing a live videos and when I actually come on live, and it’s not a pre-recorded video, I’m straight-up coming on live, guess what I’m going to have a better reach because it creates a conversation and it creates the longer time that you are on Facebook. Because if I actually come on live,  if I don’t come on live, you may just spent like five minutes on Facebook. But if I actually come on live, guess what you’re going to actually spend a lot more time on Facebook because you are watching a video of me being online.

Again what does that mean? That means that Facebook can now have actually more inventory for advertisers like you and I to buy and they actually make more money. So, whenever these large corporation including Google or Bing, whenever they make a big adjustment, they’re not basically trying to say, “Okay we make too much money right now. We’re going to actually do something stupid and making sure that we are actually not going to make as much money.” That is not true. Regardless of how big a business is, any massive change that they do you all drills down to how much more profit they are going to make. So the next time when Facebook, Google, Bing or any advertising platform makes a big update, guess what, take a step back and look at this from a business perspective. There is a reason why Facebook is doing it. Obviously Facebook it’s not publicly saying that, “Yeah we’re making changes to our newsfeed so we make more money.”

They’re not going to come on and say that obviously. Not any other business will say oh we’re doing this because we’re going to make more money. They’re not going to tell you that because that’s what their ultimate goal is. But if you actually have been advertising and you have been following and knowing and understanding the importance of ads and psychology of ads, you will understand that Facebook’s making this change only because for advertisers they can actually get more money from advertisers, they have more inventory and they can actually reduce the CPM at the same time because of the supply and demand.

So, I really hope that this helps you out and this gives you insight of basically my interpretation. A lot of people think that well is this the end of the world for Facebook advertisers? I think the answer is NO. I think is a perfect opportunity for Facebook advertisers because we’re going to actually see more inventory and simply see more a spot being opened up because of this change. I know that there’s a lot of interpretation about this. People are saying it’s going to die, yada-yada. But listen I’ve been advertising for over a decade and my primary focus and I specialize in online ads. So I’ve seen all these changes that Google has made, Facebook has made and listen I’ve been advertising like a lot of money like millions of dollars with Facebook when they even only had this small little image with text on the right-hand side, not even when they actually have a newsfeed. I’ve been advertising with them. I see all the changes and I know for a fact based on my knowledge and based on my business knowledge I know that this change is actually a good change for you and I.

So you don’t have to worry you don’t have to panic and as a matter of fact I can promise you this right now, if you compare back your CPM from before the New Year’s to after the New Year’s, you’ll see that you actually are paying a lot less CPM cost per thousand views on Facebook right now compared to what it was before. Again I hope that this really helps you guys out in me interpreting this to you guys. So you guys don’t have to worry about it, it is a major change and I know that it’s actually crazy that it got news coverage unlike all the mainstream channel. People are panicking about it, but at the end of the day there’s nothing really to panic about; however, if you actually use Facebook to depend on free traffic, that’s a different story. That is going to be ultimately going to go bye-bye very, very soon unless if you do a lot of live videos, you actually have post that engage replies without engagement bait. Remember before the New Year, Facebook made an announcement about engagement bait, they’re fighting it. So you can’t say comment so you can’t say on the post and comment below or take someone etcetera. That’s not going to work.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that it does affect people that depend on free traffic through Facebook. Now, when we talk about the free traffic component, put in the “me” into the comment box if you guys want to master free traffic. If that’s what you want to know. Obviously, there are different forms of traffic online. I’m specialized in paid traffic but obviously free traffic is an important role. For example YouTube is a free traffic source. SCO is a free traffic source. Guest blogging is a free traffic source etcetera.

If you guys want put in the ’me’ into the comment box if you guys want to learn some free traffic ninja skills. I’m getting a lot of “me’s” coming in. So, guys if you are on Facebook and if you are on YouTube, I don’t have a link on Instagram, I apology – but if you’re on Facebook and if you’re on YouTube, right above this video right now in my live video on Facebook, there’s a link that is and on YouTube there’s a link right below this video. I actually got invited to actually speak at an event called a 3sc and it’s actually keynoted by Neil Patel which is the number one SEO Consultant and obviously a industry giant when it comes to free traffic.

This event is actually hosted by Anik Singal and Kotton Grammer who Kotton makes like insane amount of money basically making money from people or basically finding clients to help them with the SEO job. Now Kotton is proven to actually help people that have no expertise in SEO to actually get their website listed on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo which obviously those are free traffic; now it is a live event. You get to actually come and meet me personally with me, Neil Patel, Anik Singal and Kotton Grammer and a lot of industry experts in the SEO fiel.

I’m not going to really cover a lot about SEO. I’m just going to cover more about e-commerce and paid advertising but at the end of the day, if you guys want to master SEO, you do not want to miss this 3-day event. As a matter of fact, I have asked to get a discount for every single one of you. It is a 3-day full-day event where you’re going to learn everything you need about free traffic and SEO. If you want to get that, simply just go to the link above on Facebook and right below on Youtube, click the link check out the dates for the event, I’m it’s a live event and I may be okay anyone that actually comes to the event that is a follower of mine, I may host like a couple hour section where I just spend time with you guys maybe we do some training, do a quick workshop at the event since that obviously I’m going to be there anyway,, so why don’t I just create like a meet-up with every single one of you.

So, the link is above this video on Facebook and right below on YouTube, you’ll find a link it is Click on that, check it out if you can make it, I would love to actually see you in person and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, trust me it’s really cheap for a ticket. So you definitely want to actually look out for and there are limited spot.

[0:19:40] Question 1: Changes that will happen to Facebook feeds in the next 2 weeks that will see a decrease in Stories, news feeds and even advertisements. Is this a concern for you or will things remain status quo for advertisers?

So moving on, let’s move back right into our daily huddle and actually this question that talking about the newsfeed update is actually a question that got inspired by Dan Martell said,

Hi Fred! Thanks for the great content you share in these huddles, apprish! Global News talked about changes that will happen to Facebook feeds in the next 2 weeks that will see a decrease in Stories, news feeds and even advertisements. Is this a concern for you or will things remain status quo for advertisers? Thanks

Dan, I really answer that in super great detail on my perspective on this update and I hope that really helped you out.

[0:20:17] Question 2: Do you charge VAT on your online stores? Since I can run an online store alone without employees, meaning I get to keep all my profits; do I have to pay tax twice business and income tax?

So moving on and officially starting our daily huddle to answer five questions every day so the first question is by Sage Muntswu, Sage ask,

Hi Fred! Do you charge VAT on your online stores? Since I can run an online store alone without employees, meaning I get to keep all my profits; do I have to pay tax twice business and income tax? If my store is registered as a private business. Your advice is most appreciated.

Sage, first thing first, I am not an accountant, I’m not a lawyer, I am not any person that can actually give you tax advice. You have to actually go seek a local authority to actually get this question sorted for yourself. What I’m going to share with you is based on what I know and based on my experience. It may not apply to you and it may not apply to anyone that is watching at the same time. So, you got to do your due diligence but I can share with you my perspective on what I know and you can actually decide from there. So do I charge VAT? I do not charge VAT and the reason why I do not charge VAT is because I do not have presence in United Kingdom or the European countries. I do not have any presence there and from what I know and for what I’m educated on is that if I have presence in United Kingdom and I have a client from United Kingdom that’s buying my product, then I have to charge VAT. But if I’m not, then I don’t. Also if you are in United Kingdom, then obviously any of your customers that buy from the European region, you got to charge VAT and you’ve got to pay the VAT to your income I don’t know who they are in United Kingdom but you got to pay it to the government.

Now, based on your structure, you said that you are a registered as a private business. If you are registered as a private business, then yes you’ve got to pay taxes twice. One is basically in your business and the other is basically the profit that’s going from your business going into your personal, you also need to actually pay taxes on that at the same time. But I know that there are for small businesses, there are some perks here and there depending on the countries that you are at, there is going to be maybe what we call the dividend tax break and everything so you want to actually take a look at that yourself. Again, that’s my advice to you. I would highly encourage you to actually seek a legal consultant or an accountant just to confirm these information.

[0:22:55] Question 3: 1. My first Health supplement store has not had any sell since I have it last year June. 2. I recently created a dropshipping shop on my second store 2 weeks now about Fashion (cloths) What routine of / Ad/ post or anything should I do consistently?

So moving onto the second question by Jin, Jin said,

Hi, Fred. Sorry to straight into the question and your Time, and you may already said about many times.
1. My first Health supplement store has not had any sell since I have it last year June.
2. I recently created a dropshipping shop on my second store 2 weeks now about Fashion (cloths)
What routine of / Ad/ post or anything should I do consistently?
Thank you.

Okay, so first thing first, I have to share one thing with you guys. Supplement is a completely different animal. You need to really know your stuff when it comes to supplement. It is not easy to create a supplement business, but if you’re able to actually unlock the potential of a supplement business, it can make a hell lot of money because it is a subscription-based business. People actually have to keep coming back to buy and buy and buy, but first thing first it’s great that you drop off the supplement business because if you’re brand new, if you’re new to running an online business, I never encourage people to actually run a health supplement company only if you are educated enough and know what’s going on to actually build that business. Now, when it comes to a clothing business for fashion again it is a territory that I do not recommend unless if this print-on-demand. The reason why, if you’re trying to drop ship apparels and majority of the apparels that you’re trying to drop ship is from Aliexpress, the sizes are different, the quality is also a very big thing too that you got to figure out so, just some quick insight and feedback for you.

Now, what are the routines to run any ads or run a store or run a business? My routine is always set up new ads, look at my data, optimize my ads. That’s what I keep doing on a regular basis and that’s what every single person need to do, set up new ads, test new creative, look at the data, optimize your campaign. That’s what your daily routine is and that’s what you consistently need to do on a regular basis. Obviously, that’s just the advertising side. I haven’t covered why you got to make sure that logistic handle and all those other stuff. I hope that helps you out.

[0:25:37] Question 4: My main concern is running out of customers before I am able to come up with a new creative. I want to make the jump to 3k per day. What are your strategies to fight ad fatigue on Facebook/Instagram?

The fourth question is actually from Jonathan Pantalis – Jonathan Pantalis actually asked, A question that is more advanced. I may lose some of you guys. So first thing first is by what he said,

Hey Fred, I have my Shopify store scaled to over 1k over day selling products we manufacture and fulfill. My main concern is running out of customers before I am able to come up with a new creative. I want to make the jump to 3k per day. What are your strategies to fight ad fatigue on Facebook/Instagram?

So first off congratulations Jonathan for crushing it and earning over $1,000 per day that is exciting stuff. Great stuff on you, but obviously you have some concern.

So, a very legitimate question and this is more for advanced users okay. So, making a $1,000 per day, you’re not going to hit your market cap that fast or I just say generating $1,000 per day, I’m not sure what your ad spend is I would assume that you are generating a profit ROI for making $1,000 a day. That means your ad should be like $500 a day.

So, first thing first $500 a day is not going to actually hit any problem with an ad fatigue now for those of you that don’t know what an ad fatigue is, an ad fatigue is basically saying that the creative or the ads have been showing over time too many times and the market is not responding to it anymore so that the cost per click increase, click-through rate decrease and also your cost per action increase because people are not responding to the ad anymore and you got to refresh the creative that’s what it means.

Now again like I said if you’re making $1000 a day and let’s say that you have 50% in ad spend then you’re only spending $500 a day, I don’t think that is something that you need to worry about but when you’re going into $1500 a day then yeah something that you want to start looking into. So, there are two things that I do to prevent an at ad fatigue: (1) I constantly look for new targeting using the creative that is already working for me. I don’t just let that one ad creative go after that one market. I use that ad creative to test another targeting at the same time because I know that this ad works, that means that there is a potential that in other markets, it may work at the same time. If you want basically diversify your priority, simply use the audience, grab the new see interests that’s working for you and expand from there.

Now, here’s the important part, I’m not sure if you’re running look-alike audience or not. Your goal if you want to start making $3,000 a day, you need to start using look-alike audiences. You want to use look-alike audience or your active cart, use your look-alike audience on your purchase, use the look-alike audience on view content and really test them out because with look-alikes, if you’re able to actually get look-alike to work without targeting. So, all you’re doing is basically targeting your look-alikes and no interest at all, then you’re easily able to spend a $1000 to $2,000 a day without any ad fatigue at 1%.

Now you’re ad fatigue will only come in maybe 30 to 60 days after you started the ad. So here’s what you would do, the 2nd thing that I would do to prevent ad fatigue is I always have new creatives being tested at a smaller scale. When I know that I have creative being testing every day and I found one that I know will work at a low budget, I let it run a little budget and if my creative started to fall off so what I mean by that is if your sales are basically through the roof and suddenly just drop and you’re not getting any more sales, it is an indicator of an ad fatigue. I would go back to the same audience and just get my new ad into that asset and let it run. That’s what I would do.

Another thing that you can do is a strategy that I’ve used a lot of times is to reset the algorithm. Let’s say that you’re running a 1% look-alike audience and all of a sudden your ads are not working as well and it’s just not working as well then what you want to do is you want to duplicate the campaign and run it from scratch and reset the algorithm. Usually a lot of times when you reset the algorithm with your look alike audience, it will work really, really well.

Another strategy that I can give you for ad fatigue and for basically finding more audience is that run look-alike every 30 days. You’ll actually discover that in every 30 days, your look-alikes if you re-run it, it will look a little bit different. So here’s a strategy that I do all the time – every single month I export all my customers and I input it into Facebook as a custom audience and I’m running a look-alike and then 30 days later the next month, I do it again and you will see that there is going to be an audience overlap. But you’ll see that there are going to be audiences that you may not be capturing based on your initial look-alike audience. So you want to actually create more, you want to constantly upload your custom audience list and start creating them. So, your goal is to either (1)  find more targeting, (2) is to simply always have ads creative test it at a lower budget just to make sure that you are not running into any ad fatigue and if you are, then you quickly swap the ad right up from there. So I really hope that helps you out.

[0:31:37] Question 5: Are facebook groups a good way to promote your products?

Moving on to the last question of today’s by Veronica, Veronica said,

Hi Fred, blessings to you. My question: are facebook groups a good way to promote your products? Thank you!

That’s a really good question that Veronica brought up. Are Facebook groups a good place to actually sell things? When it comes to groups, Facebook just say based on their new update that they will serve more posts from friends, from groups and from conversations. So that is an opportunity. If you’re basically saying you know what I want to still get some free traffic, try creating a group. Don’t be those people that I absolutely freaking hate which is going into other people’s group and start posting stuff on there linking to your own stuff. NEVER do that.

I do not know who the hell are teaching people this way. that is one of the most annoying thing ever and I sometimes even just go bananas in my Facebook group from starting from zero and just call people all about it. It’s like you are trying to take advantage of other people’s work and that is not a real business that you’re running. That is like a really shitty business that you’re running.

So, anyone that actually watching this that post in my groups to use affiliate links or to link or something to get your own business, I would tell you F-off okay. I rant about it all the time only because it does pissed me off and because we work hard to get our group to where we’re at. Now Veronica, for you and for anyone that is listening having a Facebook group can be an advantage because; (1) you can actually build a community that love your products because these communities are the advocate of your brand and of your product and they will basically speak on your behalf to other people saying how great your services are, your products, etcetera. Just like my starting from zero group. I love you guys.

Whenever someone asks, should I invest into zero up, people just go in and comment and I don’t have to say anything people loved it. People just say we highly recommend it because it gives the ability to create advocate fans of your product. It also creates an opportunity for you to stay connected with your followers because like we said, Facebook page is going to die or it is dying. But if you actually post something in the group and you are the administrator or a moderator of that Facebook group, your posts will instantly show into people’s feed because they know that hey it is the administrator that posted, it got to be shown to everyone’s newsfeed. So, the reach is absolutely pretty good.

Now there is a disadvantage that I’ve got to bring up and I’m just going to be honest and truthful and upfront with you guys. The disadvantage is that you’ve got to have moderators. When you start to grow your channel, or your group to over 10,000, it’s going to be out of control. What’s out of control for me, previously and that’s why I started to get moderators, I have my brand ambassadors and they’re like Connor who helps a lot and he’s actually in our Facebook feed right now. He’s washing our Facebook live right now. So Connor, like I actually have people that loves my product, loves my brand, believes in me and help in the community. That’s what you got to do and Connor does an amazing job in my community.

Sometimes I feel bad because he does better than I do and he actually spends so much more time that I do. So I really want to thank him publicly for really taking his time just to really help you guys in the starting from zero group. You guys should really thank him in the starting from zero community, tag him, thank him because he does pour his heart out to really help every single one of you. So I’m getting a lot of people saying hi Connor right now.

Again, it is a recommended source but again like I said, there are some disadvantage to it. You got to basically focus on that. Again, here’s one thing that I’ve got to say. There are so many ways for you to run a business. There are so many ways or so many things that you can do for your business and it does get distraction. It does cost distraction. So what I want to encourage you to actually look at is prioritize what is more important. For example, I will always prioritize that ads are going to be the number one priority for myself. I always do everything revolving around my ads first before I do anything else. So you got to prioritize your time wisely and prioritizing your time and ads will actually invest into a bigger opportunity for you and your business.


So other than that that’s really it for our daily huddle for today and I realized that today I talked for way longer than I usually talk. Obviously to make backup that missing times that I actually had yesterday.

I had one called Christian. if you guys are from my starting from zero community, I did a video about it. I’m not going to go into great details about it. But other than that, listen okay like I said earlier there’s a live event coming up that’s all about free traffic keynote by Neil Patel, one of the number one SEO marketer in our industry along with Kotton Grammer and also Anik Singal and myself on stage. If you guys want to actually spend 3 days with us live, there’s a link right above on Facebook. It is and I would tell you okay there is an investment involved but the ticket price, it’s like at a huge discount right now. I’ve negotiated for you guys and I love to actually see you guys in person at the event. So make sure you check out the link above and if you’re on YouTube, make sure you click on the link below. It is It’s a live event that you’re going to learn everything about free traffic and how to find clients to pay you thousands of dollars per month on simply buying your SEO advice and your consolidation work and how to actually use Instagram, YouTube, SEO and all those other techniques to actually drive free traffic to any business that you have or simply create an agency and sell your service to practitioners, doctors.

So, again link is above. I look for it on seeing you guys at the event. I may be hosting like a couple hours, closed room private only Fred Lam  section where I spend time with basically people that actually buy through my link and want to actually meet up with me and spend some time together. So, there’s a link right above.

Other than that, that is really it for our daily huddle today and it does seem like this time of the day, I actually got a lot more people than I normally get especially on Facebook. I got a lot more different people on Facebook than on YouTube but YouTube I usually get a lot more people at 6PM. Other than that listen, I look forward on seeing you guys tomorrow in our regular daily huddle. Make sure you actually follow me on Facebook, subscribe to my Youtube channel, follow me on Instagram to actually be here with us for our daily huddle. There are something pretty massive coming up in February. So things are about to change my daily huddle will get changed in a pretty awesome way. So make sure you actually subscribe to all my social media to actually get notification of that. Other than that, I look forward on seeing you guys tomorrow and remember keep hustling and go-go-go. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye now.