What is up everybody? Fred Lam here, and welcome to our Daily Huddle Episode Number 41.

All right, so for those of you that have first joined us and never really heard about my daily huddle, give me a couple minutes and I want to share with you what our daily huddle is all about. So, everyday from Monday to Friday I’m actually going to come on live to answer five questions.

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Now, I do have to ask you , we have been getting a lot questions over and over, over again that is similar and it’s repetitive and it would just  basically – if I feature it all the time, it’s just not going to be as great or give guys the knowledge that you need. So, before you actually go and actually ask a question  inside, I do encourage you to go to my website and see if I actually answered a similar question before, because if I have  then obviously, I don’t actually have to : #1 waste anybody’s time here and every single question I answered on a  daily basis are going to be different and unique.

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I see that I am a little bit blurry so I’m going to fix my camera a little bit. Okay, that’s a lot better. Awesome Awesome, awesome, awesome! So for some reason ,I am lagging out a little bit. I’m going to do some quick shutout to you guys. Yana said, “Hello, Fred. I’m so glad I caught you online. Can you give some idea in precise targeting  about make up brush cleaner.”

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[0:06:22] Question 1: Hiring overseas virtual assistants and taxing/management of them.

So, what that means is that let’s kick start our daily huddle for today and get questions answered. So I’m actually going to pull up the questions, pull up the email for the question. The first question of the day is by Jared Chandra. So, I don’t it is really a question it was just a sentence saying,

Hiring overseas virtual assistants and taxing/management of them.

Obviously, for you guys when you first start, it is wise for you actually to have a virtual assistant. I have a big team of over 30 team members, I should say it’s 35 right now and I even on top of that also have virtual assistants at the same time. Now, for those of you that don’t know what virtual assistant is, it’s simply a team member of yours that is working from another place and usually, these places are basically in the Philippines. They maybe in the other side of the country or places where you can actually find talents or people that can speak fluently or type fluent in English, but they’re not in basically North America. Because as you know, when you actually start hiring team members, it does cost a lot of money. But when you first start out, it wise for you to actually learn how to manage your team, learn how you can actually off-load your task that you don’t really require your time on because obviously, time is so important.

You can actually hire some out like $5-$6 an hour on doing these scrap work for you. Now when it comes of outsourcing, there are several places that I always look at. The first place is They’re the best place to actually find outsourcers and also virtual assistants at the same time. Now if you prefer basically finding people in the Philippines which is very, very, very, very common, I would actually suggested to go It is a market place for all forms of virtual assistant.

Now, if you want to find a someone like a rockstar and think people that would actually be with your company for quite sometime, there is a tip that we do. We actually go to craigslist and we specifically go to Manila. So, it’s the capital of Philippines. We actually put a job post in craigslist in that in Manila because we know that if people is actually in craigslist searching for job, we know that in English obviously, we know that the person should be pretty fluent in English at the same time.

Now, when it comes to taxation, I can’t really give you any advice on this only because I’m not a taxation lawyer, I’m not an accountant. So, I cannot give you a too much advice, but one thing that I know based on my experience is that if you are hiring a virtual assistant, it is basically an expense to your company. It is an expense to your company. You basically market as an expense really on the expense line, that’s really it.

Now, when it comes managing virtual assistants – here’s the deal, I love virtual assistants, but you cannot depend or basically have your virtual assistant as a A-star player. When it comes to scaling of a business, obviously team members are classified as A, B and C. It’s kind of like a report card in high school or during college right now.

So for virtual assistant , you can really never really find “a rock star”. What you really find is like B, B- or C because these people only can work based on what you tell them specifically what to do. They’re not going to actually be creative and figure out a solution for you. Usually, those are A-players, right? Because those are people that usually get paid a lot more money and they drive your business forward.

Now for a virtual assistant, you’re basically telling them a specific task that they need to accomplish on a daily basis. For example, customer service is a very, very, very common one that people outsource to virtual assistants.

Number 2 – Data Management. Really figuring out what’s going on to your ads, what are the things they have to look at and you got to be a specific. For example, let’s say that you are running an E-commerce store and you simply told a virtual assistant or say that if the click to rate drops to let’s say 1%, and the cost of acquisition skyrocketed to above 15, then it needs to bring up my attention.

So you need to actually give specifics when you are managing your virtual assistants. Okay that’s what you want to do and what I ask you to do it is ideal that every single day you do a daily huddle with your virtual assistant team. So you check in with them if there’s anything that they need to bring up to you or anything that you can actually assist them with when they are stuck at some point.

It’s kind of like the daily huddle that you and I doing right now. These daily huddles are to meant, for me to check in with you or for you simply use it to check in with your teams at a virtual assistant and it can be just like 15 minutes to 30 minutes max so everyone is synced up, know what exactly is happening so that there’s no lost communication and you can still drive your business forward. All right so that’s what I actually suggest you guys to do and that would be the tip that I would actually give you.

[0:11:42] Question 2: Can't Find the Zeroup on Shopify - No matches for "zeroup". How about these awesome apps?

Moving on to the second question by Marlene Johansonn she asked,

Can’t Find the Zeroup on Shopify – No matches for “zeroup”. How about these awesome apps?

We actually do not list any of our apps into the store except for PixelBay. If you’re trying to actually get “zeroup” light which is my 10part video training series, you got to basically go to my Facebook group or my community, call starting from zero and in there, the first pinned post will give you instructions on how you can actually get my Zero Up lite training.

Now when it comes to Zero Up, obviously if you are a member, you’ll know exactly how to actually synchronize your store with our technology inside our members area. So, I’m not going to cover that a lot, and those are the two steps if you’re getting Zero Up Lite or Zero Up alone.

[0:12:44] Question 3: Is it better to run an ad on FB for a specific product (or specific products), or create an ad of a giveaway to invite potential customers and create a flood of traffic? What do you have to say about these strategies?

Moving on to the third question of the day by Antonio Morais. Antonio asked,

Hello Fred! First, I’d like to say you’re da man! Now, to the question: Is it better to run an ad on FB for a specific product (or specific products), or create an ad of a giveaway to invite potential customers and create a flood of traffic? What do you have to say about these strategies? See you on the next huddle!

Great question that you brought up Antonio, the answer is you want to basically structure your campaign to go after to one single product. Here’s the deal, and this comes to all forms of online advertising, you do not want to distract your customers or your visitors on exactly what you have to offer. I see a lot of people that basically offer like a whole variety of stuff and when you do that, what’s going to happen? People are going to have problems on deciding what they want to buy.

So what you wanted to do is your goal is very simple – you want one product and you want a sale for that product. You don’t really want to go into the market and advertise like ten product on a specific landing page because all of us, even myself, we have problems on deciding. Even people have problem deciding which restaurant to go out to eat. Not even the restaurant but what kind of cuisine are we having tonight I always constantly have those battles of my friends that we don’t even know where we wanted to eat and we’re like stuck because nowadays we are basically not making the right decision and when we have too many choices, we rather don’t make a decision, right? So this called indecisive.

So, if any of you guys are basically always having that problem, when you have too many options you don’t you can’t decide on what you basically should choose, put into me right into the comment box because I myself have that problem too when I’m given too many choices, I’ll be like, okay I don’t know what I wanted to do and I basically just shove it aside.

So, with that, even in any online businesses, you want to be a step one ultimate outcome. If you’re selling a product, obviously you want one specific product. Now, where would you actually start using products? Is when you’re running dynamic retargeting ads. Obviously, at the end of the day you want to capture it basically everyone that’s shopping in your store and a dynamic retargeting ad, obviously will help you serve the ad automatically to the products that your visitors are showing interest in in your store, okay that’s what you will run.

Now, to your other suggestion or strategy that you have about creating a giveaway to actually attract a wave of traffic to your website. The answer to the question is NO. Here’s the reason why : number one – Facebook has announced, right before the New Year’s that they are fighting what we call engagement baits, and giveaways are classified as an engagement bait. So, serving that ad or even serving that organic post is going to actually get affected.

Now the 2nd thing is if you are trying to get a giveaway to actually drive a lot of traffic to your store, you’re not going to actually get ones that will actually buy your products because in the first communication or the first touch with your customers, you’re doing a giveaway. So who are you attracting?

You’re going to be only attracting people that will just love giveaways.  They would just sign up hoping that they will win something. They’re not people that would necessarily bring up their credit card and actually buy your product. So if you even create a look-alike audience of all these visitors and re-drive that traffic, you’re not gonna get the qualified buyers that you ultimately want.

So again, what you should do is just focus on one product and focus your effort on selling that one specific product. Alright, so I hope that helps you, Antonio. Winnie said that, “I like to call that the CBF Syndrome, Fred Lam.” I don’t know what CBF stands for I would love to know.

[0:17:23] Question 4: Can you give us some behaviour rules and maybe also a template for selling to the e-mail list in e-commerce?

Anyways, moving forward to the fourth question of the day is by Stefan Finke. Stefan said,

Hi Fred, can you give us some behaviour rules and maybe also a template for selling to the e-mail list in e-commerce? Thanks! 🙂

So when it comes to e-commerce, there are primarily for basics – there are three different lists for basic email marketing strategies when it comes to e-commerce.  Number one, you have your customer list, obviously, people that actually bought from you. You have a list of abandoned carts – so people that actually went and fill up the form and then decides to actually leave your store. The third is going to be your newsletter.

In your website maybe in using software’s like Willow or Privy or right inside your theme there is a section where people signup for the newsletter. So these are the three different lists for basics. Each behaviour is very, very different. When it comes to buyers, obviously they already bought from you and your goal is to actually build a relationship with them and start selling them other products that are similar to what they have bought at your store, right?

Now when it comes to the abandoned cart, again I normally don’t build a relationship with abandoned cart, I just shove things down their throat in order for them to actually become a buyer – that’s the behaviour. These are basically just prospects interested in your product, interested in your business, all I do is I shove it down their throat and get them to actually become a customer.

The third, when it comes to the newsletter or when you actually have Willow and everything, these are normally a mix of maybe your buyers and your customers. What I normally do is I would actually send an email broadcast to these people. Maybe giving them content or basically telling them a new product has been featured or basically a sale is actually coming up. Those are behaviour rules.

Now there are some advanced techniques and obviously it’s going to take me forever to talk about it and if you are a Zero Up member, I did do a weekly boot camp all about segmenting and what you should be doing with each segment for the advanced segmentation of your email lists at the same time, but I believe that majority are in the basics. So, I hope that already helped you out Stefan all right.

[0:19:52] Question 5: Where can one find products for your store in any niche other than Ali express and, what is the process that one must follow to approach the owners to request to feature them on your store? What shipping table must one use if your not using "free + just pay shipping" method and, want to sell to all countries including Tier 1 Countries?

So moving on to the last question of the day is by Martin Strydom. So Martin asked,

Where can one find products for your store in any niche other than Ali express and, what is the process that one must follow to approach the owners to request to feature them on your store? What shipping table must one use if your not using “free + just pay shipping” method and, want to sell to all countries including Tier 1 Countries?

So again, I would have to say if you are basically just starting out with e-commerce and you want to actually do drop shipping, AliExpress is the best bet for you to go. Now, there are other places like DHgate which is a competitor of AliExpress that you can actually look at. These are basically marketplaces, so you don’t really need the vendor’s permission to actually have those product listed. These guys know that a lot of stores are basically reselling their products.

Outside of those two sites there are places like or Those are a lot more expensive and you may not get as good margin as what you actually get from AliExpress and DHgate. Now again when it comes to finding the golden product or finding one product that works it all drills down to a lot of variables. Like I said, your ad, your targeting and the product itself. Each person’s business is very different.

Each angle is very, very different because a slight change in the ad actually attracts a different set of users, several sets of visitors even though you are going after the same audience. With that being said, it really drills down to your testing and making sure that your metric works. It’s all about your own metric.

Now, when it comes to the shipping table – I gave you guys a shipping table inside Zero Up Lite. It includes [fripple 0:21:53] of shipping which is for trip wire and it also includes selling, shipping or products that you want to actually charge shipping. Those pricing works and those are the pricing that actually I’ve been using throughout my years of running an e-commerce store and there is a specific reason why I put that pricing is because #1, is that a lot of people won’t be paying more than what I actually put in set up pricing table and a lot of people well obviously would love to pay a lot less for basically smaller items.

So, I cover all those spectrum from small items all the way to heavy shipping now unless if you’re selling something custom like selling a chair or selling something super heavy, then you would basically decide what you want to actually charge yourself. Now when it comes to tier 1 countries or other countries around the world, I normally use the exact same shipping table because on AliExpress and DHgate, you’re going to pay around the same pricing for e-packet.

You may act like 50 cents to $1 difference but it’s not going to be that drastic of a difference. So you can use the same shipping table for the US and for international at the same time. So, I hope these questions really helped you out and really answered you guys on this.


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So I got a lot of people on YouTube and not really that many people on Facebook I don’t know why I don’t get a lot of people on Facebook nowadays. Majority of them is actually on YouTube but it doesn’t matter. I’m just doing this to actually serve as many people as possible and be an inspiration to as much people as possible.

Jose said, “Keep talking, bro.” So a lot of people want me to keep talking so I’ll see if there are any questions that I can answer. There’s not really any specific question that really came up.

Joshua said, “where can I find training products?” Again, you can really look at it at Amazon bestseller, you want to look at [unclear 0:25:37] and you also most importantly be in the market yourself because if you’re actually in your market, you will be served a lot of ads from your competitors and you can see what works and what doesn’t work at the same time.

Johnny asked about the free plus shipping does it still work? It always worked. It will still work. It won’t not work. Again, it all drills down to your data and your product and your ad that’s the most important part.

Chinese New Year – does it affect shipping? Yes. Chinese New Year’s coming up in middle of February.  So you have to make sure that you contact your vendor and make sure you find out when their cut-off is for shipping and when they’re going to be coming back to work. But nowadays all the people in China, they basically know that businesses is business. They won’t be shutting off for like two weeks, like what they normally do.

They may have different shift and they may be closing for like a couple days and then having people to coming back to the factory to keep working. Again, each vendor is different. You got to actually communicate with your vendor to actually find out – very, very, very important stuff.

Adam said, “Do you think can make more money on a higher item or low item?” Both. Your strategy basically for a full [0:27:07] stores to sell low, mid and high-priced item. You want to have a mixture. You don’t want to focus on just basically low products. You want to focus on low, hot medium and high. So there’s a lot of varieties in your store that you can actually start selling.

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